The wait is finally over: Selena Quintanilla’s estate just announced her new posthumous single “Como Te Quiero Yo A Ti” dropping on July 29, followed by an entire new album.

Per the estate’s official Instagram page, the new single is part of an upcoming album titled “Moonchild Mixes,” and is a compilation of “brand new arrangements beautifully curated for her fans.” While the exact details are still unclear, it seems that the album will only include re-recordings of songs we already know and love.

The album is set to be a “13-track song retrospective,” giving fans a closer look at the hits that made Selena a worldwide sensation before her tragic death in 1995.

Meanwhile, an older version of “Como Te Quiero Yo A Ti” is already available to stream, part of a 2004 album titled “Momentos Intimos.” However, according to Instagram user @bidibidiblogblog, this track was actually recorded back in 1987 and released as part of Selena’s album “Preciosa” that same year.

As expected, fans swiftly reacted to the news, and the wave was overwhelmingly positive. One Instagram user became emotional, commenting, “OMGGGGG, I’M CRYING!!!! 😭😭😭😭 this will be my best birthday present without a doubt. I’m shaking!” while another added, “Yyyaaaass🙌🙌🙌🔥 Can’t wait!!!”

Other comments like “Better late then never” and “QUE EMOCIOOON😢❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” show that fans cannot get over the fact that the Selena estate is dropping new material. That being said, it is important to note that many fans have expressed a wish for the Quintanilla family to allow Selena to rest in peace — and stop profiting from her success before her death.

Selena’s father Abraham Quintanilla spoke about the upcoming album to Latin Groove News back in March, and quickly divided fans with his comments. Why? He explained that many of the songs on the album were actually recorded by Quintanilla when she was just 13 years old — and the tracks have been altered “using computers” to make her sound “like she did right before she passed away.”

He described, “What’s unique about it is, not only is the music completely new arrangements, but my son [AB Quintanilla] worked on Selena’s voice with computers.” The Quintanilla patriarch added, “He took 10 songs that are part of our catalog from our company and completely [redid] new music.”

Back in March, fans went near-ballistic on Twitter, with one user writing, “I know Selena Quintanilla’s family will never let Selena rest by them dropping dique a new album this year.”

While the lack of any negative comments on the Instagram album announcement might be a little fishy, there’s no doubt many fans are truly excited about the release. One Twitter user posted, “NEW SELENA SONG AND ALBUM COMING SOON IM GAGGINGGG OMGGDGGG,” and yeah, we totally get it.

Another simply wrote, “I can’t wait for the new Selena album 😭❤,” while yet another Twitter user pointed out a very key detail: “A New Selena album is dropping!!!? AND on the same day as Beyonce!! Texas women won🙏🏿🙏🏿.” We love to see it.