Feid, 31, visited Spanish television show El Hormiguero last night, making for a hilarious, heartwarming interview. The Medellín-born singer talked to host Pablo Motos about the significance of his trademark greeting, “Mor,” his favorite color (green, of course), and may have shared a surprising detail on his rumored relationship with Karol G.

The “Classy 101” singer’s appearance on the show made for a fun watch that gave us more insight into his rise to fame. One note? He is by no means an overnight success. Starting out as a songwriter and signing with Universal Music Publishing back in 2016, Feid wrote several hits for other artists like “Sigo Extrañandote” by J Balvin and Thalía‘s “Corazón Valiente.”

Talking about the apparent “stroke of luck,” in his career, Feid explained to Motos: “It was a process… It was not overnight. It took a lot of work.”

And then, in the interview, Feid said something few fans could ever expect. In fact, he may have confirmed his relationship with Karol G… by talking about asparagus. We’ll explain!

Did Feid just say Karol G makes him asparagus every morning? Some fans think so

At one point in his “El Hormiguero” interview, Feid described eating asparagus every day. Yes, when the color green is your lifestyle, that extends to food, too.

Host Motos asked, “Is it true that you have to eat asparagus every day?” To that, Feid replied, “Yes. I’m tired of eating asparagus.” And yes, we’re also obsessed with the way he said it:

The singer laughed, “That’s how it is. A quick hello to Doña Carol who makes asparagus for me every morning.”

Who is Feid talking about here? Many TikTok users seem to think he shouted out possible girlfriend Karol G, whose real name is Carolina Giraldo Navarro. One TikTok user commented, “It’s obvious he was referring to our queen [Karol G]. How beautiful.”

Another replied, “We call Carolinas ‘Carol,’ which is Karol G’s real name. The ‘doña’ is very normal for us, it’s said out of affection.”

However, others aren’t so convinced — and think Feid may have a personal chef named “Doña Caro.” One person theorized, “I think he is talking about his chef,” while another wrote, “This does not mean he meant Karol G.”

To that, though, one person replied: “Let’s be logical, what a coincidence if his chef is named Caro. Second, if he is talking about his chef, I doubt she makes him asparagus everyday. In my opinion, he [is talking about] Karol G.”

We’re still a bit confused over this Doña Caro debate — what we do know, though? These two will always be Cosmo and Wanda in our eyes… and we really hope they eat asparagus together every morning:

Other gems from the singer’s interview on “El Hormiguero”

Okay, so the significance of Feid’s asparagus comment is still up for debate. However, he shared tons of other details in his “El Hormiguero” interview that are well worth the watch.

For one, Feid shared he actually loves making cakes… which is the most adorable revelation we were not expecting. He explained on the show, “I’m learning. I discovered that I really love making cakes, for real. I discovered it recently.”

His dessert of choice? “I only know how to make one. Vanilla cake. The most basic one. The first one that appears on Google when you search ‘How to make cakes.'” LOL:

“I was going to make one for today, but I didn’t have time,” Feid explained. Adding he planned on bringing his cake to the interview. We didn’t know Feid was on his Martha Stewart arc, but we love this for him.

Randomly enough, the “Yandel 150” singer listed his recipe of choice for his famous vanilla cake. “Six eggs, a pound of flour, a pound of sugar,” he said. “I don’t make it light or anything.”

He continued, “Milk, vanilla extract, baking powder, and mix all of that.” He even says he prefers to mix the wet ingredients first and then add the dry — noting he knows about two different methods. We’re so obsessed with this conversation.

As one X user wondered, “Do you think Feid makes cake for Karol G?” We didn’t know these two would exchange their cake and asparagus creations, but here we are:

In another part of the interview, the singer spoke about his reaction to having songs with hundreds of millions of plays. “I don’t know how to explain it. You make music, and if [the songs] get to 700 million plays, that’s awesome. If they only get to 20 [people], that’s awesome, too. Every piece is special.”

He also shared that his family, including his mother, father, sister, plus his friends and his professional team keep his feet on the ground:

While saying he’s still waiting on his “stroke of luck,” Feid described how he is still working towards more success. One more thing? He said his trademark “Mor” is the “best word in Colombia right now,” describing how you can call anyone “Mor.”

“It’s a short way of using ‘Amor,’ but it’s more for the streets, more relaxed, and a bit less respectful,” he explained.

And with his trademark word, comes his trademark color, of course. The singer also told Motos that for him, the color green represents, “hope, Medellín’s mountains, money, [and] prosperity.”

He also described it as an incredible, “free” marketing strategy for his music: