Triko-tri, it’s almost Halloween! It seems like 2023 has been an endless loop of spooky season. From the endless break-ups of our favorite star couples (we see you Rauwsalia), we can agree there are tons to pull from with picking a couple’s costume.

When it comes to picking the winning couple’s costume, things can get tricky. Especially when we want it to be bueno, bonito y barato. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of our top 13 DIY couple costumes for you and your boo this year.

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1. Karol G & Feid

Take “Tus Gafitas” out to party this All Hallows Eve dressing up as Ferxxo and la Bichota. This costume is possibly among the easiest ones to pull off, especially if you can find a bubblegum pink wig for those “Gatubela” vibes.


Fun fact: he actually chose who we were gonna be 😂💚🩷 #ferxxo #bichota #halloween #fyp #diy #couple #karolg #feid

♬ FRIKI – Feid & KAROL G

2. La Sirena and El Catrín

Test your luck with this couple’s lotería costume. While this couple picked La Sirena and El Catrín, you can mix and match any of the other cards. You can use items you already have in your closet, decorate some poster boards, and you’re set!


I loveeeee this costume ✨🤍🕸🎃🧜🏻‍♀️🤵🏽‍♂️#halloweencouplescostumes #halloween #loteria #lasirena #elcatrin

♬ original sound – All Hallows’ eve 🎃

3. Selena Quintanilla & Chris Pérez

Does it get more iconic than Selena and Chris Pérez? Dress up as the Queen of Tex Mex and her husband to relive their “Amor Prohibido.”

4. Nacho Libre and la Hermana Encarnación

A nun? A luchador? A nun and a luchador? You’re sure to win the couple’s contest with this one. If you don’t have a nun costume at home, a black dress with a black scarf on your head will do the trick.


Replying to @iam.brownie you guys hit the nail on the head with all the nacho libre comments bc its his favorite movie 😂 #couplehalloweencostumes #couplecomedy #internationalcouple #gringoylatina #nacholibre

♬ Nacho libre – Life Style 🥀

5. Tía Rosa & Mamá AKA Bad Bunny and Pedro Pascal on SNL

One of THE most iconic moments of 2023 can’t be foreseen and is especially epic for Halloween. Pedro Pascal and Bad Bunny’s “Protective Mom” skit brought back all our Latino childhood traumas, but we’re 100% here for dressing up as Tía Rosa and Mamá.

6. Héctor and Mamá Imelda

Lovers in life and death, these two lovers are probably one of our favorite couples of the afterlife. Experiment with make-up, your favorite flower crowns and of course, your best battered clothes for Héctor.


A couples costume except I’m dressed as his great great grandma 😂 #halloween #coco #couplestiktok

♬ i made this for klance lmao – syd

7. Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera

If you’re feeling artsy, then this Frida and Diego couple’s costume is a great and easy choice.

8. Monja de la Feria and Tapatío

Spice things up with two things we can’t deny loving — La Monja de La Feria and Tapatío. It’s a carnival of fun all around.

9. Concha and Hot Chocolate

Is this the sweetest couple’s costume around or what? This pair takes “sweethearts” to another level.

10. Chola Couple

Following the Cholo style trend, this costume is among TikTok’s favorites this year. Grab your best jeans, camiseta and makeup combination for this one.

11. Día de Muertos Couple

A classic we all love. Endless combinations of makeup, dressy or casual, this costume choice will always be a hit.

12. RIP Rauwsalia

While we all went on a mandatory mourning period over Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro‘s unexpected split, what better way to say RIP than dressing up as them.

13. Barbie and Ken

Of course, we couldn’t leave this couple’s costume out of the Mojo Dojo Casa House. If there’s one thing we can’t deny is that Barbie and Ken have a closet full of ENDLESS possibilities. Pick your favorite one and run — or rollerblade — with it.