Karol G performed two sold-out shows at Pasadena, California’s Rose Bowl stadium this past weekend— and let’s just say it was very eventful.

So far, we’ve gotten celebrity sightings like Sofia Vergara dancing to “Amargura,” Karol G shouting out boyfriend Feid‘s birthday… and some of the most heartwarming family moments ever.

The concerts, which took place on August 18 and 19, brought in a total of 120,000 fans between both days. The “TQG” star’s biggest fans at the stadium, though? Her mother, Martha Navarro, her very-proud boyfriend Feid and Feid’s own mom, of course.

Here’s everything we know about Karol G’s history-making Rose Bowl concerts this weekend. Plus, all the “Bichota” content to make you feel like you were jamming along to “QLONA” with the rest of ’em.

The singer’s loved ones supported her from the crowd, including her mom, Feid and his mom

Karol G’s “Mañana Será Bonito” tour has pulled out all the stops ever since kicking off in Las Vegas on August 10.

The 15-date tour reportedly includes a setlist of nearly 30 of her biggest hits, and as per Variety, lasts three hours. Even cooler? According to the outlet, Karol G’s Friday concert started off with an animated short film about her life. In it, a mermaid named Carolina is healing from a “frozen” heart — and is reconnecting with her inner self.

That inner self? Well, of course, it brings all the best “OKI DOKI” perreo… and some soft “Ocean” vibes, too.

During the concert, Karol G got emotional in between songs. According to Variety’s report of Friday’s concert, the star told fans: “Many years ago, when I was home, watching all of my favorite artists [perform]… I would ask myself how I was going to get there.”

“Look at this,” she gestured to the crowd.

You know what’s getting us emotional, though? Karol G having such a beautiful family support system. Exhibit A: the singer’s mom and Feid’s mom singing along to “Amargura” together from the crowd, decked out in full Karol G merch. Even better? Feid was right behind them:

Karol G shouted out Feid’s birthday during her concert — and he sang along to a very special song

Other content that brought tears to our eyes? This TikTok video showing Karol G shouting them out from the stage: “I love seeing my family, who is here.” At that point, you can see the singer’s mom, as well as Feid and his mom, all waving back to her from the crowd.

The same video shows Feid singing along to all her hits, as well as Karol G shouting out his birthday, August 19. She says, “Today is August 19… those who know, know. Happy birthday, Salo,” confirming she calls him by his real name, Salomón Villada Hoyos.

At that point, she goes into her song “Tus Gafitas”… which is definitely an ode to Feid and his trademark sunglasses. The entire stadium lit up in green, too:


Me muero mira como disfruta el concierto!💚 highlight of rhe night being right in front of him and Karol’s family #ferxxo #karolg #ferxxoykarolg #tusgafitas #fyp #karolgconcierto #mananaserabonito #200copas #ferxxomor #rosebowlstadium @Feid

♬ original sound – Abby Castelan

Here’s another angle of her loved ones’ excitement to catch her performance:

As one X user put it, they recorded a now-iconic video of Ferxxo “supporting his novia” in the best way:

And the video to end all other videos in history? Well, Feid singing along to Karol G’s Selena Quintanilla-inspired song “Mi Ex Tenía Razón.” Of course, this song is much-talked-about as a dig to her ex Anuel AA… and in turn, a love song to Feid:

Here are some of the celebs who have attended Karol G’s “Mañana Será Bonito” tour so far

There’s no doubt seeing Karol G’s loved ones in the audience was one of her best tour moments so far. Still, seeing tons of celebrities dancing along to “Bichota Season” hits at her concerts has been epic, too.

Case in point? Selena Gomez attended this past weekend’s Rose Bowl concert, posting photos backstage with Karol G:

Over on Instagram Stories, Karol G wrote to Gomez: “She knows how special it was for me to see her there.”

Another big Karol G fan who showed up to the Rose Bowl concert? Superstar Alicia Keys, who posted tons of content from the show, including her dancing along to “SEJODIOTO.” She also commented on all “the vibes” of the concert:

Then, we had fellow Colombian star Sofia Vergara show her support at the Pasadena show. The star posted an Instagram video dancing to “Amargura,” captioning it with, “We love you, Karol G.”

And when it comes to celebrities Karol G brought onstage, the first name that comes to mind is Becky G. As shown in a TikTok video Karol G posted herself, Becky G made an appearance to sing their epic track “MAMIII” together:


THIS NEVER GETS OLD 🥹❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 @Becky G

♬ sonido original – Karol G

Karol G also told Becky G onstage, “The queen of the house tonight if you because you’re from here, these fans are yours… You’ve given me the opportunity to come in, but in reality, this is yours”:

One of the cutest moments of the concert? Karol G wearing Ferxxo’s “gafitas”:

The cherry on top of Karol G’s Rose Bowl concert, though? Feid, un romanticón, carrying her out:

As one X user put it, these two are “the best couple of the year.”