Alicia Keys invited Karol G to sing at her Bogotá concert last night and let’s say both were the epitome of a “Girl on Fire.”

Karol G’s appearance at Keys’ concert at the city’s Movistar Arena was a major surprise for fans. The Bichota appeared on stage toward the night’s end, leaving attendees freaking out.

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As can be heard in a video showing Keys announcing the “TQG” singer’s arrival, fans were shrieking. Yes, concert goers’ screams and social media’s thrilled response to the moment were enough to make us really wish we were in Bogotá yesterday.

Even more notable? Some fans remembered that Karol G posted an Alicia Keys cover song 13 years ago— making their duet even more iconic.

Die-hard Karol G fans uncovered an Alicia Keys cover she sang 13 years before their duet

Before we fully get into Karol G and Alicia Keys’ epic duet, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the “X Por Si Volvemos” star’s cover of Keys’ song “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart.” Proving yet again that the internet is fantastic, fan sleuths uncovered the rare video Karol G posted 13 years ago.

Yes, Karol G is clearly a manifestation queen, and we’re here for it.

As far as we can tell, 19-year-old Karol G recorded her Keys cover in her room, and posted it to social media. Watch it here:

As many fans are pointing out, the resurfaced clip shows that Karol G surely dreamed of one day singing alongside Alicia Keys. She was a fan, after all. Did she ever imagine it would actually happen? Maybe we’ll never know — but it happened in a big way.

As you can see in the full clip of Alicia Keys bringing Karol G onstage, the “Fallin” singer announced: “I’ve got a special surprise. Should we do it? Should we bring my sister Karol G up?”

Fans, of course, start screaming in disbelief, all the while the “Provenza” singer strolls in singing her acoustic, fun track “Mientras Me Curo Del Cora.”

Karol G appeared in a glittery silver minidress and white thigh-high boots (goals!), singing the lyrics to her uplifting song as Keys danced along. The track then cut to Keys’ legendary hit “No One,” with both stars heading towards the piano. And that‘s when the goosebumps really started.

The bilingual duet “No One” expected

As you can see in videos of the perfect moment, Keys’ played “No One” on the piano and began the song as usual. The New York native started off with the song’s immediately recognizable “oh-oh-oh’s,” and the crowd went wild.

Even Karol G couldn’t hide her excitement, looking on adoringly as Keys sang, “I just want you close, where you can stay forever.”

After that, Karol G took over the second verse, changing the lyrics to Spanish lines instead. The “MAMIII” star sang: “Yo hago lo que sea, más allá del bien y el mal…Otro ya quisiera.”

The two then sang the song’s chorus together, with the Medellín-born chanteuse adding more Spanish lyrics. “No one, no one, no one, me hace sentir como lo haces.”

Where is the Spotify version of this? We need it.

Also, let’s all take another moment to appreciate these adorable onstage photos of the two singers:

Did we know we needed a Karol G and Alicia Keys duet? No, but we’re so happy it exists. Meanwhile, fans who got the chance to see the two sing together in concert are feeling pretty lucky right about now. One concertgoer wrote on Twitter, “Man Karol G came out in the Alicia Keys concert in Bogotá I’m going to die here.”

This would also be us:

Another just couldn’t get over what a “beautiful” night it was for everyone:

While some were heartbroken they didn’t attend the concert, many others marveled at Karol G’s incredible voice. Mostly everyone, though? So happy to see these “empoderadísimas mujeres” together: