When Rauw Alejandro took center stage in Valencia, Spain, this week it wasn’t just another performance. It was the commencement of the European leg of “Saturno” his world tour, an event that was destined to be tinged with emotion, even before the catastrophic events in his personal life.

As everybody who doesn’t live under a rock knows, the Puerto Rican urban sensation and Spain’s iconic Rosalía revealed the end of their relationship this month, after three love-filled years and a widely publicized engagement.

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Rauw has made clear that it was not his idea and even wrote a heart-wrenching song to her “Hayami Hana”.

Many are wondering: Why choose Spain for the kick-off to his European tour? Was it a nod to his former love, or perhaps a hopeful gesture towards reconciliation?

A bittersweet start to Rauw Alejandro’s European “Saturno” tour

The show must go on and as the lights dimmed at the City of Arts and Sciences, Rauw Alejandro’s performance and onstage demeanor unveiled a deeper narrative.

Notably absent from his performance were hits “Vampiros” and “Beso” from the EP “RR,” tracks that were close collaborations with the Spanish songstress.

This deliberate exclusion spoke volumes as it made a statement many that Rauw is embarking on a fresh chapter, professionally and personally. It was as if the artist whispered to his fans that it was time for new beginnings.

Alejandro broke down during a performance of “Hoy aquí”

Amid the captivating beats and melodies, Rauw paused to reflect. With an audience of thousands hanging onto his every word, he shared wisdom on heartbreak, love, and healing.

“Overcoming someone isn’t overnight; you have to take your time,” he mused, evoking a roar of empathy and support from the crowd. 

He also broke down when singing “Hoy aquí”, one of the songs he wrote for his now ex. These profound moments of vulnerability turned the concert into a therapeutic session, allowing fans to connect with the artist on a deeply personal level.

Rauw’s transformation wasn’t limited to his setlist or onstage reflections. Fans couldn’t help but notice physical changes too. Gone were his signature blue dreads, which had become iconic since the release of his latest album, ‘Saturno.’

This Spanish tour opener, though marred by a brief delay because of inclement weather, was a triumphant reentry to the Spanish stage after a year’s hiatus. Despite the initial discontent from the waiting crowd, by the night’s end, every fan was on their feet, celebrating an artist who bravely bared his soul.

Meanwhile, fans spotted Rosalía in Miami

While her ex was baring his soul in Spain. Rosalía was spotted in Miami, driving what Karol G fans would call a “makinon”. In a video captured by a fan, the Motomami didn’t look too thrilled.

In the meantime, Alejandro will keep touring in Europe. His next dates include Barcelona, Bilbao, Sevilla, Madrid, Murcia, Tenerife, Milán, París, Roma, Zurich, Londres and Düsseldorf.