Halloween can be one of the most freeing and fun times ever. People worldwide often plan their year around their costumes. Like everyone else, celebs love to partake and dig into the season — Heidi Klum is a prime example of how dedicated some might be. 

This year, many of our favorite Latino celebrities took the time to get into the spooky spirit of All Hallows Eve and have some fun. We’ve rounded up eleven celebs who went for the ghoulish gold.

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Vanessa Bryant

USED WITH PERMISSION FROM Instagram / Vanessa Bryant

¡Fíjate, fíjate, fíjate! The mamá of four felt nostalgic and went for a classic Halloween look — channeling the playfulness of La Chilindrina

The Bryant Family of Bats

USED WITH PERMISSION FROM Instagram / Vanessa Bryant

Not to be left behind, the Bryant girls teamed up with their momma to bring the spooky back to Halloween as a family of bats.

Maluma’s bumpin’ belly

While the Colombian superstar didn’t dress up, he joined his girlfriend on some Halloween cheer with a happy face on the belly of their growing baby girl, Paris.

Lili Estefan

The Sábado Gigante alum took it to another level channeling her inner loba, while Clarissa Molina played the Bichota we didn’t know we needed.

Becky G


The “Mamiii” singer channeled a Halloween favorite this year and dressed up as Emily from the “Corpse Bride.”


The singer, entrepreneur and philanthropist felt a little mischievous and had her eyes on Christmas. Her Grinch costume really took the cake (and the presents).

Camila Mendes

The Brazilian-American actress felt a little gatubela this Halloween dressing up as Julie Newmar’s version of Catwoman from the 1960s Batman show.



Everyone’s favorite loba exchanged the claws for horns and a flamin’ spike. We’re feeling these devilish vibes on her.

Santi Baston

This fame-adjacent cutie couldn’t decide what he wanted to be for Halloween, so like his famous mamá Eva Longoria, he wanted to be it all.

Rachel Zegler

Instagram / Rachel Zegler

The “Snow White” actress and her friends were itching for Scooby snacks. With this in mind, they gathered the gang to hunt for Halloween clues.

Bad Bunny

Benito has proven he has a playful sense of humor, and his Halloween-inspired video for “Baticano” further shows that.