Latino Spirit Halloween Memes That Haunt Us As Much As They Make Us Laugh

Just a few days ahead of Halloween, you’ve probably seen these Spirit Halloween memes pop up across your feeds. Leave it to mitú to create Latino versions of this graphic parody that only we understand.

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Rata De Dos Patas


I’m sure we all know some ratas that don’t even need a costume. But we’re sure that if we gave Paquita la del Barrio the assignment to create a costume. Here’s what she would come up with!

Drunk A** Friend (AKA si ya saben como me pongo)


If you’re hitting up some Halloween parties this weekend we know you’re bound to see a few of these peeps around. Turn up! 

Ya Wey — The Original Edgar


If you find yourself saying “ya weyyy” at least a few times every day then this costume is all you!

Saturday Night Gameshow Judge


We always say it’s not nice to be judgemental, but with this costume, it’s literally part of the job. Sorry not sorry! 

Latino Tupperware


If you rock this costume, you’ll be looking like a snack. Which snack though? Who knows… maybe some leftover beans or pozole? Quien sabe! 

World Famous DJ (en los unos y doces)


This costume grants you automatic aux cord access! Pero don’t be like the DJ in the pic and forget to plug in. 

Abuela’s Sewing Kit


WARNING this costume is triggering AF and probably the scariest one we’ve seen in a while. It’s like our childhood is coming back to haunt us. AHHHH! PS If there are cookies in that tin then you got a defective costume.

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