Halloween may be over, but we’re still browsing through the incredible costumes that people have posted on the internet. While we love a good old fashioned witch or vampire costume, there’s nothing like a truly creative Halloween costume that makes you say: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

So many people decided to go hard this year and we were living for it. Here are 11 of the most creative Halloween costumes that truly impressed us this spooky season.

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1. Lizzo

We have to start off this list with the inimitable Lizzo, who won Halloween with her beautiful, hilarious, and detailed “Baby Yoda” costume. This woman can do no wrong.

2. The Microsoft Word Office Assistant

This one may be too old school for younger readers, but for those of us who used a PC in the early 2000s, the trusty Paper Clip Assistant on Microsoft Word was a staple of every school essay.

3. The Woman Who Ruined the Tour de France

Who could forget that random woman ruining the Tour de France with her “Allez Omi + Opi” sign? Of course, one of the most iconic moments of 2021 had to be memorialized via this Halloween costume.

4. The Camera Man



♬ オリジナル楽曲 – ゆー/ツタヤの店員 – ゆー/ツタヤの店員

This insanely creative Halloween costume swept the internet after going viral on TikTok. Not only does this man look like a Canon camera, but he’s also able to take pictures like one!

5. Cardi B as Morticia Addams

Cardi B always goes hard for Halloween and this year was no exception. The Queen of the Bronx dressed up as (a very convincing) Morticia Addams.

6. The “Showgirls” Guy

If you dressed up as the iconic movie poster for the 1995 camp classic “Showgirls,” you officially deserve the “Best Halloween Costume” award at any party you go to.

7. BLACKPINK’s Lisa as the “Squid Games” Doll

Due to “Squid Games” being one of the most popular TV shows this year, it’s no wonder that the legendary giant doll from the series was a trendy costume idea. And Lisa from BLACKPINK pulled it off better than anyone we know.

8. Cancun Cruz and His Dog, Snowflake

How could we forget when Sen. Ted Cruz fled his state in the midst of a weather emergency and took a vacation to Cancun leaving his poor Bichon Frise, Snowflake, behind in his cold house.

9. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom as a Doctor and a Vaccine

There’s no doubt this costume would be is CDC approved.

10. Doja Cat as Ms. Bellum from “The Powerpuff Girls”

We have to give Doja Cat props for this costume because, although it’s obscure, it’s completely recognizable. Every single one of us who grew up on “The Powerpuff Girls” recognizes the sultry silhouette of Ms. Bellum.

11. Ariana Grande as “Miss Creature From the Black Lagoon”

If we Ariana Grande’s resources, we’d definitely commit to becoming completely unrecognizable each Halloween. This year, it appears she hired a whole team of stylists to transform her into Miss Creature from the Black Lagoon… and we can’t look away.