A new three-part docuseries on the life and death of Mexican singer Jenni Rivera is debuting on Peacock in December. The series details the circumstances surrounding her untimely death in 2012 in what many consider to be a freak accident.

While traveling with six other passengers, Rivera died at the height of her fame in a sudden plane crash on December 9, 2012. Both of the plane’s flight recorders, or “black boxes,” were supposedly destroyed in the incident. Because of that, it was difficult for investigators to determine the cause of the accident.

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Some things about Jenni Rivera’s death just don’t add up

At the time of her death, Rivera had sold millions of records. She had recently made her first foray into acting and received worldwide acclaim for her music. She died following a concert in Monterrey while traveling to appear on “La Voz” in Tuloca.

“Who Killed Jenni Rivera?” will unpack Rivera’s life in an attempt to better understand her untimely death. The trailer for the new show suggests foul play based on Rivera’s brushes with the cartel in years prior. Fans still speculate about Rivera’s proximity to the cartel. Her second husband, Juan López, is now dead after serving two years of a 2007 prison sentence for drug trafficking.

Another point of contention for conspiracy theorists involves Rivera’s ID. Although investigators recovered Rivera’s identification, the missing black boxes suggest a potential cover-up. That any of Rivera’s personal items survived the crash when the black boxes did not has raised eyebrows for years.

Many fans are excited about the new series

Jenni Rivera’s popularity has only grown in the years since her death. Similarly to other Latina stars who died before their time, fans continue to celebrate and mourn Rivera to this day. For many of them, the new series is a perfect way to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of her death.

“Finally someone is talking about this!! I’ve been waiting!” one commenter wrote. “Ughhh imma be crying again,” wrote another.

As the anniversary of Rivera’s death approaches, fans have taken to social media to express their grief over the singer’s premature passing.

Still, audiences have questions about the docuseries

The trailer for “Who Killed Jenni Rivera?” promises a dramatic retelling of events. However, some fans are not happy with Peacock’s treatment of the material. As true crime continues to grow in popularity, even its fans have had to admit the inherently exploitative nature of the genre.

Peacock promises an engaging series that enlightens viewers “through intimate footage and interviews delving into the still undetermined causes of the horrific 2012 crash.” Although many of Rivera’s fans are excited about the show, there seem to be just as many who think Peacock is callously profiting off of her death.

What do Jenni Rivera’s kids have to say?

Details on the upcoming series are few and far between. However, it seems like none of Rivera’s children had a hand in producing the series. Most notably, her daughter Chiquis Rivera has not mentioned the show at all on social media or in person.

Because Peacock produced the show without the family’s involvement, many are wondering how noble their efforts really are. “Did you even ask the kids how they would feel about this? Smh,” reads one YouTube comment. “You guys have no respect,” another commenter wrote. “This is bad, cruel and disrespectful on so many levels! I will cancel my Peacock subscription,” said one particularly disgruntled fan.

You can decide for yourself by watching the trailer below:

The new show debuts on December 6, three days before the 10-year anniversary of Rivera’s death.