In news that just made our week, Jenni Rivera’s daughter Jacqie Rivera just confirmed to Billboard that a movie is being developed about the late “Ya Lo Sé” star. Even more, the estate is also planning on releasing a compilation of the singer’s unreleased music she recorded before her death, while also setting up a posthumous tribute concert.

There’s no doubt that the late banda, mariachi and norteño singer will live on forever in the hearts of her fans in her native Mexico and across the world. Rivera left an inimitable legacy with iconic tracks like “No Llega El Olvido” and “Querida Socia;” songs that we still sing and dance to accompanied by un tequilita, of course.

Rivera’s life was cut short at just 43 years old, dying in an infamous plane accident in December 2012. Her five children Chiquis, Jacqui, Michael, Jenicka and Johnny were left to pick up the pieces, and the family has since taken it upon themselves to preserve the star’s legacy for years to come.

Jacqie told Billboard that there is a movie in the works based on her mother’s life. She explained, “I think that’s a big deal… I remember watching ‘Selena,’ I remember watching the Ritchie Valen’s one [‘La Bamba’], and we were always like, ‘One day she’ll be able to have this.’”

While Rivera’s story has already been brought to television, this is the first feature film about the regional Mexican singer’s life — and it is set to be epic. We’re already grabbing the popcorn, and tearing up, too.

While Jacqie seems to have just confirmed the existence of the movie, plans have been ongoing for a few years. In fact, the late singer’s sister Rosie Rivera told Billboard in 2019, “My sister dreamt of a biopic of her life for many years, we are thrilled it will come to fruition… It’s taken time to get here because we had to trust Jenni’s story in the right hands.” 

Jenni’s life story rights were obtained from Jenni Rivera Enterprises, attached to film producer Donald De Line, and Javier Chapa and Simon Wise of Mucho Mas Media Productions. 

“The film will not only celebrate Jenni’s life but also how much she inspired people and kids from all walks of life,” shared Chapa. “It’s a true underdog story. And the way Jenni stood up to abuse; [it will] try to shine a light on that as well.”

Sister Rosie also described to the Associated Press in 2019 that the film is “so very important” as Jenni was “a Latina born to immigrant parents… who lived the American Dream.” She also emphasized how she just wants “her whole 43 years of what she went through to touch somebody… Every single tear, I want it to be worth it.”

Incredibly enough, we’re not just getting a surely-amazing movie soon. The estate is also set to release never-before-heard songs that Jenni recorded before her untimely death, which Jacqie says is “really going to touch people’s hearts.”

The singer’s daughter continued, “There’s so much more that the world needs to hear from Jenni… her fans, they love her so much… I don’t think it’s something that we should keep to ourselves, I would like to share it.”

Jacqui’s reasoning for unlocking the vault of her late mother’s unreleased music? “There’s so much that she still has to say.”

The songs are part of the regional Mexican genre, with Jenni’s daughter explaining that the release is a “healing process” and “a chance to do something” for her mother after admittedly being “rebellious” growing up.

Last but certainly not least, Jacqui revealed that the estate is planning a “tribute concert” dedicated to her mother, which is “coming up.” We can’t wait!