We Have No Pictures Yet, But Here Is Everything We Know About Baby Kulture

Kulture Kiari Cephus was born on July 10, 2018, meaning Bardi fans have spent four excruciating months waiting to see what the heir to a dynasty will look like. Cardi B has said outright that she’s not “mentally ready” to share her baby with the public right now, and we respect that. Even without pictures, we are already in love with the little bundle of joy. Even though they want to keep the baby a secret, we can’t help but try to learn everything we can about the little baby.

Offset and Cardi B have been incredibly private about Kulture’s life.

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Some have suspected that Kulture’s name came from daddy Offset’s album name, ‘Culture,’ but they haven’t confirmed. Offset did immediately get Kulture’s name tattooed on his face in tradition with his other children.

“She’s very feisty … She really is very demanding…”

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Cardi joked on Jimmy Kimmel Live when Kulture was just three months old. “My husband used to tell me like, ‘Stop screaming and stop catching an attitude when you’re pregnant because you’re gonna pass that to the baby.’ And I did!” 😂

Cardi B has said that she wants three to four children.

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“There’s certain things that I want to do with my daughter — like, I want to go to the beach with my baby, I want to take a stroll down the street with my baby — and I can’t because I don’t know who’s next to me and who has certain intentions,” she told Kimmel.

The paparazzi has forced her to be “very low key” with Kulture.

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Hence these pics in parking garages. She told Kimmel, “I don’t want to show my baby out to the public right now. I want to protect her. I’m not mentally ready — paparazzi be everywhere, like, even in my a**hole. I would like to do normal things with my baby, normal things, but right now I gotta keep it very low key.”

Bardi has turned down seven figures to publicly reveal her baby’s photos.

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In an interview with AppleMusic she told host Ebro Darden, “Me and my husband … we just don’t wanna show our baby right now. I got offered seven figures, but I’m just not ready yet … Over a million.”

This is the only photo we have of Kulture to date.

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Take it in. It’s the fullest picture you can see of Kulture. Todo respeto to la familia for being uncompromising about the worth of their privacy.

Just last week, the star opened up to People en Español about her separation anxiety from Kulture.

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“I don’t want to miss nothing from my baby,” she confessed. “I read that babies forget people so quick; I don’t want her to forget me. I don’t want her thinking that somebody else is her mom; I want her to love me as her mom.”

Bardi’s fear fueled her decision to drop out of Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic World Tour.

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She told the magazine that she has zero regrets about her decision to pull out of the tour which has now grossed almost $310 million dollars with 2.8 million tickets sold so far.

“Being a week away, it would just drive me insane,” she admitted.

Cardi B confessed that she wishes she had Kulture when she was a teenager.

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She gushed to Kimmel, “I am enjoying [motherhood]. It’s the best. It’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, I should have had you when I was a teenager. This is what I’ve been missing my whole life? I love you!'”
Here’s what we know about Kulture thanks to Cardi B. 

“She broke my vagina.”

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Reasons why we love Cardi B? She is unfiltered and unapologetically herself.. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, she shared, “Why nobody tells you about those things? Nobody told me they were gonna stitch my vagina! People just be like, ‘Oh you know when you give birth, it’s gonna hurt,’ but no one tells you that like, ‘your vagina!'”

Cardi B is obsessed with her lips.

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Alright you guys. Together we know what her forehead, hands and lips look like. We all know we won’t be satisfied until we see those windows to the soul. We all already love you, Kulture!

Kulture loves her abuelo.

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We’ve seen Cardi’s Dominican dad on her IG Live. He himself is 55 years old and is married to a 33 year old. Together they have a four year old son, meaning that Kulture’s uncle will only be a couple years older than her.

She gives Cardi B ‘peace of mind’ amidst all the Nicki beef.

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She tells People Magazine that having Kulture is her “proudest and my happiest [achievement being a mom].
“When you’re famous, so many things are being thrown at you: so many gossips, so many problems, so many beefs, so much money, so much of everything, it just kind of drives you crazy. And then when I see my daughter, it’s like a peace of mind. [I say:] ‘Ahh, I do this because of you.’ It cracks a smile on the most stressful days.”

The parents have opted not to hire a nanny.

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See that speck of a forehead? That’s the most they’ve shared of her face. Cardi B told People en Español, “I want to be the one that when she cries, I’m the one that stops her from crying. Seriously.”

Which means that we’re getting all the late night posts.

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It is so clear that Cardi B is giving Kulture all the emotional and physical labor she’s asking for. She is up at all hours, and is super open about her exhaustion.

Kulture is going to grow up “very humble and cultured.”

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She wants Kulture to spend time with her cousins and abuelos and understand that life isn’t like the mansion she will inevitably grow up in. Cardi B also wants her to grow up speaking four languages including, English, Spanish, French and possibly Italian. 

Kulture has an eye for nice things.

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She went on to say that, “She’s most likely gonna get whatever she wants from me and her dad, but I also want her to be humble.” She doesn’t want Kulture to be ‘snobby.’

Kulture has a very retro pink lava lamp that I’m coveting.

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Of course, Kulture’s crib is draped in tule and glitter ribbons. We could expect nothing less after the extravagant baby shower she was celebrated with.

Direct quote: “I do feel like I need a rest.”


After Cardi B told Kimmel she wants three to four kids, he/we were all like, pero como? She admits that she is tired, “but the happiness that my baby brung [sic] me, like, it’s just like, I can do this over and over again.”

i.e. We won’t be mad if you have more hijos, Cardi.

The Bardi gang is starving for content but is also like, cuidaté, todo bien.

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We’ll survive, Queen Bardi, and we have no idea how you are hangin’ in there. Soak up all the Kulture love so that we get a turn. 😉

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Demi Lovato’s Dating History Shows That She Prefers Latino Men


Demi Lovato’s Dating History Shows That She Prefers Latino Men

Demi Lovato has been on the scene since she was 10 years old. From her start on several kids TV shows and movies, she is now an international musician and songwriter. At the age of 26, Demi has 6 bestselling albums under her belt.

She also collaborated with Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi last year on “Échame La Culpa” which reached the top twenty in 19 different countries. The music video for “Échame La Culpa” currently has over 1 billion views on Youtube. It is the most watched music video Demi Lovato has been involved in. Demi sings in English and Spanish in the song.

Demi is also praised for her charity work, and has talked openly about her struggles with addiction and mental health. She recently came out of a 90 day stay in rehab following an overdose during the summer.

Her rumoured first love was named Jonathan Fryer.

Credit: Flickr @rares.rares.rares

The story starts at the age of 14 when Demi was first beginning her career on Disney Channel. Several sources indicate that Demi’s first boyfriend was called Jonathan Fryer. There are still a few old images of the couple online.

Demi then found her feet on Disney Channel

Credit: Twitter @lovatohaha

Demi was given her breakthrough acting role as the lead star in Disney Channel’s Camp Rock and TV series Sonny with a Chance. During this time, she must have met and interacted with tons of new people, and even reportedly dated a few.

Did you know that Demi dated the heart throb from Hannah Montana?

Credit: Twitter @hazzily

Cody Linley is an actor and is most famous for his role as Jake Ryan in Disney’s Hannah Montana. Although Demi never appeared on Hannah Montana, filming her own show at the time, she must have come into contact with Cody through working for the same network. On screen, Cody played the love interest to Miley Stewart, who was played by Miley Cyrus. Demi and Cody dated for about a year when Demi was 15 years old.

Thankfully, there doesn’t seem to be any bad feelings towards each other following their break up…

Credit: Twitter @J14Magazine

The reason Demi and Cody broke up is unknown, although they may have been too young to start anything serious. They have remained friends and were pictured together at a party in 2014.

Demi then switched from dating an actor to dating a musician.

Credit: Twitter @jjnkks

In 2008, it was reported that Demi was dating musician Alex DeLeon. Alex is the lead singer of the band The Cab. We don’t know how Demi and Alex met and began dating, or how they broke up. Alex has never appeared on any Disney Channel show but he did use Twitter to express his love for Demi’s second album back in 2009, showing he still cared for Demi and appreciated her talents even after they had broken up. It is not known how long Demi and Alex were dating but it was likely less than a year.

After Alex, Demi got close with somebody else who had links with Hannah Montana just like her previous boyfriend, Cody.

Credit: Twitter @xjezzie

As well as Miley Cyrus’ on screen boyfriend, Cody Linley, Demi also dated Miley Cyrus’ real life brother, Trace Cyrus. Trace is a musician and singer and was part of the band Metro Station, which he formed in 2006 with Mason Musso.

It’s assumed that, like Demi and Cody, Demi and Trace met on the set of Hannah Montana too, as Demi was still working for Disney at that time. Trace and Demi began dating in 2009 but broke up soon after.

Demi’s romance with Trace didn’t work out for two reasons; age and distance.

Credit: Twitter @internetgf666

In an interview with PEOPLE, Trace revealed that he was very close with Demi and could really relate to her. However, Trace also explained the reasons why the relationship didn’t work out.

When asked about the breakup, Trace said: “Unfortunately, we both have very busy schedules – we’re both on tour right now. I’m always on the other side of the world and so is she, so it just seemed like something that can’t work out at this time.” It’s clear that Demi was beginning to experience the pressures of sustaining a relationship with such a public and busy work life. However, this wasn’t the only reason things broke down between them.

Trace also added: “She is a lot younger than me. When someone is that much younger, you’re looking for different things in relationships.” During their relationship in 2009, Demi was only 16 years old, whilst Trace was 20. It seems clear now that, whilst Demi was juggling her hectic routine starring in her own show and filming Camp Rock, the age gap was too much of a strain on the relationship.

Every Disney star must date at least one Jonas Brother

Credit: Twitter @eyesondemetria

After the release of Camp Rock, Demi was praised for her singing and acting talent. As well as this, her on screen chemistry with Joe Jonas was also talked about a lot. In 2010, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam was released which brought Demi and Joe’s characters even closer romantically. Rumours of their off screen relationship started circulating but were never confirmed at the time.

The Truth: Demi only dated Joe for a couple of months

Credit: Twitter @teenvogue

Demi and Joe have openly talked about their brief relationship which lasted a month or two in 2010. With the amount of speculation surrounding the pair, the short relationship was surprising. It seems that Demi and Joe’s friendship was too strong to form a romantic connection.

Did Demi date more than one Jonas Brother?

Credit: Twitter J14Magazine

The Jonas Brothers, consisting of Joe, Kevin and Nick, all starred in both Camp Rock movies. Although Demi and Joe were rumored to be dating, Nick was also super close with Demi. There has been no evidence to suggest that Demi and Nick were ever involved romantically but they still stay in touch today as close friends.

That being said, it has been speculated that one of the songs from Demi’s most recent album called “Ruin The Friendship” is actually about Nick. This would make sense as Demi and Nick are such good friends. It could be that there was always something more there for Demi. Demi has neither confirmed nor denied that the song is about Nick.

Demi still stays in touch with her ex-partners

Credit: Twitter @people

During an interview with Access Hollywood in 2016, Demi revealed that she sees both Nick and Joe as her “best friends” and “brothers”. It’s clear that the three amigos have stayed in touch all these years later. They continue to perform and tour together.

More recently, following Demi’s overdose, all three of The Jonas Brothers tweeted out their love and wishes for Demi.

At 18 years old, Demi begins a longer-term relationship with her first Latino boyfriend

Credit: Twitter @demetriaaalove

In 2010, Demi began dating actor Wilmer Valderrama, who is of Venezuelan and Colombian descent. Their relationship was originally kept on the down low for quite a few years but they soon became more open and confident about their love for each other.

Demi named Wilmer as her most passionate partner, in comparison to her past boyfriends who were all white

Credit: Twitter @celebsENG

In an interview with Latina magazine, Demi explained how her relationship with Wilmer was much more passionate than her previous relationships with white guys. Demi also said that Latino people are “more expressive” and “more passionate with their emotions”.

It’s clear that Demi preferred a Latino man because her relationship with Wilmer lasted 6 years, dramatically longer than any of her previous relationships.

Demi’s relationship with Wilmer was strong and intimate

Credit: Twitter @accessonline

Demi continues the interview with Latina by talking a bit about her mental health. Demi revealed that Wilmer gave her heaps of support and guidance, keeping her strong. In the relationship, Demi said that Wilmer had seen every up and down of her mental health but still loved her the same, which gave her confidence. As Demi and Wilmer were so close and were there for each other’s worst moments, it proves the relationship was a serious one.

Demi and Wilmer announce split after 6 years together

Credit: Twitter @enews

In 2016, Demi and Wilmer announced on Instagram that they had broken up. They believed that they were better off as best friends and still remain in contact with each other. Both Demi and Wilmer starred in the animated film, Charming, in 2018, showing that they are still on good terms.

Demi moves away from dating singers and actors and starts dating a mixed martial arts fighter

Credit: Twitter @exposingpoland

Following the break up with Wilmer, Demi began dating Luke Rockhold. Luke is an American UFC mixed martial artist. The couple were spotted together a few times in 2016 but by 2017 it was revealed that they had broken up. Talking of the breakup, Luke told PlayersVoice that he loved how passionate Demi was and that he thinks she’s “still a nice girl”. It appears that there aren’t any hard feelings between the couple.

Demi begins a romance with another MMA fighter

Credit: Twitter @ddlovatoffnews

Demi quickly moved onto another brief relationship with the MMA fighter Guilherme Vasconcelos. The couple apparently spent the New Year together in 2017 but the romance soon fizzled out. By May, the pair had reportedly split up. A source revealed to PEOPLE that “it wasn’t a dramatic split” and that “the relationship just ran its course”.

Demi is spotted being close with DJ Lauren Abedini

Credit: Twitter @sillymillie_123

Multiple rumours surfaced in 2017 that Demi was in a romantic relationship with DJ Lauren Abedini, who is an L.A. based female DJ and music producer. Her better known stage name is “Kittens”. The idea that Demi and Lauren might have been dating came about after the two were photographed at Disneyland. They appeared very close and were holding hands. Demi shared the photos of the two of them together but never confirmed whether the two of them were romantically involved.

Did Demi just experiment with her bisexual side?

Credit: Twitter @autostraddle

Demi has never been afraid to talk about her fluid sexuality and her 2015 song “Cool for the Summer” had lyrics that hinted at Demi experimenting with having experiences with women. After her long relationship with Wilmer didn’t work out, it could be that Demi began trying new things whilst meeting new people, including women.

Following her 90 day treatment program in rehab, Demi has been spotted with someone new

Credit: Twitter @realtorjairo

Moving on to the events of 2018, Demi was victim to an overdose in the summer which led to her being hospitalized. Demi has just recently returned to L.A. where she has been spotted eating out with clothing designer Henry Levy. Henry also struggles with substance addiction and, according to TMZ, the two appeared cosy and content together, laughing and smiling.

Is Demi single now?

Credit: Instagram @ddlovato

Following her overdose, Demi took a break from social media whilst she recovered. However, last week Demi broke the silence after posting on Instagram a picture of herself voting in the US elections. Whilst encouraging people to vote, Demi was also alone in the photo, without a man. As she focuses on her health and wellbeing, Demi might be taking the time to be single for the foreseeable future. It’s clear that she has made some great friends in her career and continues to receive love and support from her fans.

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