21 Times Netflix’s “Narcos” Got It Wrong

Netflix’s television drama “Narcos” did a lot of things right. For one, it was spoken almost fully in Spanish, which is a big step forward in terms of inclusivity (don’t you just hate it when characters speak in broken English with a supposed Latino accent?). Its producers, led by Brazilian José Padilha, did extensive archival research to be able to tell the story of an important period in Colombian history as accurate as possible.

But, and this is a big but, television dramas tend to change a few crucial facts in order to be more compelling. We also need to remember that the United State’s involvement in the drug war has been sometimes controversial, to say the least. Screenwriters sometimes need to be careful not to be overtly political or controversial.

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Despite all the research, here are some things that “Narcos” didn’t get just quite right.

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