This year’s Coachella Music Festival features a handful of Latino artists on the lineup. Becky G, Rosalía, Kali Uchis, and Eladio Carrión are just a few of the Latin artists festivalgoers will have an opportunity to see in 2023. Bad Bunny is also performing as the festival’s first Latino headliner.

However, 19-year-old Mexican singer DannyLux is also making his Coachella debut. The singer is a Los Angeles native known for “sad sierreño,” which takes elements of classic regional Mexican music and pairs them with more modern, moody sounds.

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DannyLux gets a surprise on his way to Coachella

His biggest hit to date, “Tristeza y Traición,” is a perfect example of how DannyLux is able to blend genres and create something completely unique.

Now, the singer is headed for Coachella, where he’ll be performing on two consecutive Fridays, April 14 and 21. As one of the youngest performers at this year’s festival, Acrisure Arena helped welcome DannyLux to Coachella with a message from his dad.

In an interview with Uproxx, the singer revealed his strange connection to Coachella that started long before his appearance. “It’s crazy because my dad, he used to work for a company that would pick up the trash,” DannyLux said. “They would book him to pick up the trash at Coachella.”

This time, DannyLux’s dad is not returning to Coachella as an employee. Instead, he’ll be backstage with his son, cheering him on. “It feels so sick to be able to take my dad back to Coachella, but this time he is going to be backstage with me,” he said in the interview.

To celebrate his son’s success, the singer’s dad worked with Acrisure Arena to give DannyLux the welcome he deserves. In a post on Instagram, Acrisure Arena revealed two large screens outside of the venue with a message for DannyLux:

He’s also gearing up to release a new album in the near future

According to the same Uproxx interview, DannyLux is in the process of recording his new album. The singer says he’s hoping to expand his reach a bit and experiment with different genres. “It’s going to have 15 songs and each song has their own vibe,” he said.

He also notes that, because every song sounds different, there’s something for everyone. “I just wanted to add a little bit of everything,” he said. DannyLux recently released a new single, “Te Fallé,” that will presumably appear on the upcoming release.

Released on March 24 of this year, the song already has more than one million hits on Spotify alone. The singer will definitely find a wave of new fans thanks to his Coachella performance. It’s possible he’ll release the album soon after his Coachella dates to capitalize on the increased visibility.