Breaking: Bad Bunny, 28, is an RBD fan and we’ve never identified more with the Puerto Rican reggaetonero than we do now.

Who else remembers singing RBD banger “Sálvame” at full volume? After watching an episode of “Rebelde” after school, it was time to dance around your room to the band’s songs — and probably put on a striped tie or button down for good measure.

Well, it seems like we’re not the only ones who dreamed about being Mía Colucci growing up. Our favorite “Un Verano Sin Ti” powerhouse Bad Bunny just showed off his own RBD fandom, and we fully admit we’re freaking out.

The “Callaíta” Boricua rapper posted a TikTok video singing the iconic RBD song “Sálvame,” captioning his video with “Hoy quiero beber.” Belting out lyrics like, “Poco a poco el corazón va perdiendo la fe, perdiendo la voz,” we can now officially say we could be BFF’s with Bad Bunny (and would be very down to sing “Inalcanzable” with him over a bottle of tequila). 

Wearing a cowboy hat, a mesh tank top, puka shell and heart necklaces, and green sunglasses, we might prefer Bad Bunny’s “Rebelde” style over the O.G. plaid skirts — and that’s saying something. 

Making our hearts flutter, RBD singer Anahí posted her own reaction to Bad Bunny’s now-iconic video, captioned with, “@badbunny tu si sabes !!!” Watching on as the reggaetonero sings the track a todo pulmón, Anahí smiles, nods her head in approval and gives a big thumbs-up. 


@badbunny tu si sabes !!!

♬ original sound – Anahí

As you may expect, fans quickly took note of Bad Bunny’s video, and did not hold back when it came to their reactions. One fan commented on the “Dakiti” singer’s TikTok, “I did not think I could possibly love this man anymore… I was wrong,” while another echoed, “it’s giving Benito colucci <3333.” 

Still, others on TikTok weren’t so convinced. One user commented on Anahí’s TikTok remix, “He needs vocal lessons pronto😂,” and another agreed: “I guess I’m the only that is like ‘No thank you I’ll pass on that collab.’” Others went after the reggaeton singer’s vocals: “Bad bunny good but not good to sing some keys like rebelde did 😳.” Well, okay then.

Twitter users also swiftly reacted to Bad Bunny’s video, with many wanting a RBD-Conejo Malo collab stat. One user wrote, “Bad Bunny & RBD should collab asap,” while another shared, “Remember this tweet… Bad bunny is gonna make a song with rbd soon.” BRB, praying to the reggaeton gods. 

While one person tweeted, “Bad bunny singing sálvame by RBD is the best video of the year,” not everyone was so convinced. One user wrote, “I love Bad Bunny but all of you saying he sounded good singing RBD’s Sálvame are lying 😅,” and another chimed in, “Safe to say I sing Sálvame better than Bad Bunny idgaf.”

Even more fans don’t seem to really care whether El Conejo Malo sings RBD in tune or not — they’re just after Easter eggs. In fact, it seems that Bad Bunny might have already hinted at his “Rebelde” fandom in his new song “Me Porto Bonito.”

In the song, the rapper describes someone who “listened to RBD in the 2000s and now wants perreo all night,” and we’re just wondering how Bad Bunny knows us so well? Strange.