Rosalía, 31, and Rauw Alejandro, 31, split in July 2023, calling off their engagement after three years together. As of late, Rosalía has been linked to “The Bear” actor Jeremy Allen White, 33, while Rauw Alejandro seems to be playing the field. All is well, right? Well, Rosalía’s recent TikTok activity is now making fans wonder about some very juicy chisme.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Rosalía “liked” a pretty interesting video on TikTok (as of press time, her likes are still public— including that one). The video in question? A tea-spilling clip that explains why Rauw Alejandro might allegedly be seeing Bad Bunny’s ex Gabriela Berlingeri, 30.

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Raw y Gabriela coincidencia?? 🫠⁉️

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Ahead, find everything to know about the video that is making fans scratch their heads.

Rosalía liked a TikTok video that breaks down why Rauw Alejandro might be hanging out with Gabriela Berlingeri

The video, published by @ana__rios_, explains why Rauw Alejandro might secretly have a fling with Berlingeri. Of course, this is all very speculative— but why did Rosalía like the video?

“A week ago, [Berlingeri] published that she went to Tokyo. The photos are very beautiful,” the TikToker describes. “But there is something very weird. The day before yesterday, Rauw [Alejandro] also published that he went to Tokyo.”

“So you can ask what is the problem? Tokyo is very big. It would be a huge coincidence if they went to the same restaurant, right?”

Rauw Alejandro first posted about his Tokyo trip on March 20, while Berlingeri posted her last photos of Japan on March 23. It is unclear whether their Tokyo trips coincided— but of course, the chisme is very real.

“Gabriela published a photo in a particular restaurant that has tables that look like they’re from a school classroom,” the TikToker adds in the video. “Strangely enough, Rauw [Alejandro posted photos] eating at a very similar restaurant.” The restaurant in question seems to be a very well-known ramen spot. You can see the “evidence” in one of Rauw Alejandro’s Japan trip posts:

And yes, Berlingeri’s own trip photos show she went to a very similar ramen place… with the same black and gold bowls:

Admittedly, the two photos look very similar, but they don’t prove Rauw Alejandro and Berlingeri ate at the same place. Even if they did, we don’t know if they were there at the same time, or dined together. As some TikTok users are noting, the restaurant in question seems to be Ichiran, which is very popular. And even if Rauw and Berlingeri dined together— maybe they’re just friends from similar social circles in Puerto Rico?

What is really making fans scratch their heads is why Rosalía liked the video. As one TikTok user commented on the chisme video, “Not Rosalia liking this.” Another wrote, “The fact that Rosalia liked this,” while another chimed in, “ROSALÍA [what are you doing] here girl.”

Even more, it seems like Rosalía’s “Tuya” video features a very similar ramen place… with those same bowls: