Rauw Alejandro, 30, is finally speaking out about his split from fellow singer Rosalía, 31, last year, calling the experience “hard” on him and “frustrating.”


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Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía called it quits last year, ending their engagement after announcing the proposal in their “BESO” music video in March 2023. The breakup shocked many fans, especially because it followed the release of their joint EP “RR” that same year.

Still, by July 2023, PEOPLE confirmed that the two stars had split after over three years together. Immediately, rumors swirled about Rauw Alejandro possibly cheating on the “Con Altura” singer, but he quickly denied the allegations.

At the time, the “PUNTO 40” singer wrote on his Instagram Stories, “Yes, a few months ago, Rosi and I ended our engagement.”

“There are thousands of problems that can cause a breakup,” he explained. “But in our case it was not due to third parties or infidelity.”

“I could not remain silent and continue watching how they try to destroy the most real love story that God has allowed me to live,” he added.

Now, Rauw Alejandro’s recent appearance on Chente Ydrach’s podcast further clarified his feelings during the breakup. The singer recalled, “It was the first time something like that happened to me. It was difficult.”

Here’s everything that Rauw Alejandro revealed about the Rosalía split on the podcast appearance, including how the two spoke about “teaming up” to put those cheating rumors to rest.

Rauw Alejandro said he woke up to “30 news stories” about the breakup… and cheating allegations

As you can expect, the one-hour-and-a-half podcast goes into all sorts of details about Rauw Alejandro’s life. For one, he sort of always knew he was going to be famous, and recalled his thought process starting out: “If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it to kill it… If not, I won’t do it.”

Other gems? He “studied the industry” and “analyzed” his own music when making his album “Saturno,” noting how he wanted to make 90s-style music with high-energy beats-per-minute tracks. “I made ‘Saturno’ thinking about my kind of show. The dances, the energy. I needed a song catalog that was stronger, more aggressive.”

And yes, that’s why we got all those epic Miami bass and electronica influences.

Another interesting detail? Surprisingly, Rauw Alejandro isn’t too into luxuries like fancy cars, but he has an employee he “appreciates a lot,” who “prepares all his clothes” and suitcases when he travels.

“You go into your hotel room, and everything is there [organized],” he explained. “That’s a crazy feeling… It’s an investment.” The singer added, “I’m not materialistic… That’s the only thing I would keep paying for, always.”

Apart from describing his time at home with his cat, working on music with Pharrell Williams, and always “being yourself,” Rauw Alejandro soon dived into his much-reported 2023 breakup.

Interviewer Ydrach asked the “2/Catorce” singer about the “difficult subject,” to which he replied, “What can I say? I had never lived that. That was the first time something like that happened to me. It was hard.”

“There’s no guidebook that tells you [how to deal with it],” he added. The singer also pointed fingers at media outlets who fed the rumor mill about him allegedly cheating: “The media is crazy, you know? TikTok, yellow journalism, they invent whatever news. They include whatever headline.”

“People always read the headline, they don’t actually read [the article]. But the headline has a lot of strength… [People] don’t read what actually happened, and so many articles came out [at the time].”

“We were together almost four years and nothing ever happened. No negative news ever came out, nothing about cheating or anything,” he recalled. “And when our news story came out… they said it in a way where they left a margin open for speculation.”

As per the singer, that openness for “speculation” is exactly why people pushed to find a reason behind the breakup — and even supposed he cheated. “They invent whatever s**t… The next day there were 30 news stories… I woke up and I was like, ‘What the f**k is this?'”

The singer also said he got “in contact” with Rosalía to dispel the cheating rumors

The Puerto Rican singer later admitted “It was a weird summer, it was a hard summer,” when thinking back to July 2023.

Continuing to speak about how the media circus affected him during the breakup, Rauw Alejandro even admitted that he had to “team up” with ex Rosalía to put those rumors to rest.

Interviewer Ydrach mentioned how Rosalía defended her ex on her Instagram Stories at the time, writing, “I love, respect and admire Raúl very much. I’m not paying attention to the theatrics, we know what we lived.”

Rauw Alejandro now recalls, “When we saw what was happening on [social media], we did get in contact, like, ‘What do we do? Team up?'”

“Everything that she said, that I said, was genuine,” he added. Still, the Boricua star explained in disbelief how he still carried the “stigma” of cheating even after Rosalía denied the rumors.

“People are crazy for real. It doesn’t matter if she defended me or not, it doesn’t matter,” he described. “If a news story comes out about someone doing something, you’re stuck with the stigma.”

Rauw even said that being a man might have something to do with it. “Unfortunately, we were born men. Men have the stigma that they are cabrones.” And while he said he “doesn’t judge that,” noting some of it might be based on reality, that wasn’t the case for him.

“Believe what you want to believe,” he stated. “It was a very positive relationship. Nothing toxic. It was very beautiful.”

One more thing? Rauw Alejandro even spoke about his heartbreaking ode to Rosalía “Hayami Hana,” which he released following the breakup announcement. You might remember the tear-jerker song, with lyrics like, “Just in case we never speak again, and my favorite eyes never look at me again, I’m doing this for when I want to remember you.” We’re still not over it.

About his time making the song, the star recalled, “There was a moment where we had no contact.”

“A lot of people asked me, ‘Are you sure you want to do this? Because you’re opening your emotions… You’re opening up to the world.'”

To that, the singer replied: “If my life is already in the world, I can’t cover the sun with my hand… If my life is already public, then why can’t my emotions be public?”

Rauw even admitted that he “changed the song 15 times,” because in some versions, he said “things he didn’t want to say.” Where is this version? In some tracks, he “said too much,” but he eventually “found a good balance in the song” between openness and subtlety.

At least we’ll always have “Hayami Hana”: