Breakups are tough, nobody will ever deny that. However, the back-and-forth between Shakira and Gerard Piqué is reaching new levels of pettiness. The former paramours are relentlessly shading each other on social media and basically any other platform they can get their hands on. Now, Piqué is making his new relationship official.

A very public celebrity breakup

The couple agreed to coexist peacefully after they broke up in June 2022. Shakira did release a breakup song a few months later, in October, but it focused more on her own heartbreak than it did any animosity towards Piqué specifically.

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There were attempts to keep things respectful during a contentious custody battle. By early January, however, they were both telling a very different story. Following an incident on January 10 where Shakira was reportedly furious at Piqué for including their son in one of his Twitch streams, Shakira dropped a diss track that is already becoming an all-timer.

Shakira dished out blow after blow about Piqué’s career, his new relationship, and his inability to handle a queen such as herself. The video racked up tens of millions of views in less than 24 hours. As of this week, the video has more than 200 million views.

The feud, however, was just beginning.

Piqué’s pettiness persists

The pettiness continued when Piqué showed up to an event in a Renault Twingo, in reference to one of the song’s lyrics about trading “a Ferrari for a Twingo.” Similarly, there are rumors about a potential partnership between Piqué and Casio, referencing another lyric where Shakira accuses him of trading “a Rolex for a Casio.”

Soon after that, Jam-gate started making headlines and the internet just, no pun intended, ate it up. Apparently, Shakira learned of Piqué’s affairs after seeing a suspiciously empty jar of strawberry jam. Shakira was well aware that Piqué did not like strawberry jam. It was only a matter of time before she connected the dots.

There’s also the fact that Shakira still lives next to her former in-laws and continues to battle charges of tax fraud from the Spanish government. Basically, Piqué left her in the lurch and she’s not going to forget about it any time soon.

Piqué makes things official on social media

To add insult to injury, Piqué made his relationship Instagram official on January 25 after posting a picture with his new girlfriend, 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti. The captionless post garnered more than 3 million likes in less than 24 hours, well below the 60-odd million Shakira’s video got following its January 12 release.

However, a couple of weeks before the couple went live on social media, a resurfaced video showed Marti inside the home shared by Piqué and Shakira months before their breakup. Shakira was apparently out of town at the time and Piqué was doing an interview over Zoom when Marti briefly popped into the frame.

Piqué needs to delete Shakira (and those weird selfies) from his Instagram

Fine, people move on. It’s all well and good that Piqué wants to show off his new love, but can the guy at least take down his pictures with Shakira? And maybe the seemingly endless amount of bizarre selfies he insists on posting regularly?

Seriously, the only thing weirder than Piqué’s dead-eyed stare is the fact that Shakira is still all over the guy’s Instagram. And it’s not just one post, either. Look at this!

#nofilter hashtag aside, something about this feels deeply disrespectful. It almost feels like Piqué is posting the selfie with Marti for the sole purpose of publicly spiting Shakira. And it’s not like he even has to delete them altogether. If Piqué is unaware of the “archive post” feature, someone should let him know about it…quickly.

Regardless, Shakira fans are infiltrating these posts in droves, spamming them with comments about how great she is in the hopes of shaming Piqué until he removes them from his profile. The circle of pettiness continues.

Seriously, though.