Colombian singer Manuel Turizo, 23, just sparked social media controversy after posting an Instagram photo kissing his mother, Marcela Zapata, on the lips.

Captioning the slideshow post, “Finally at home,” the star also included photos of himself on a private jet, and strolling through his hometown of Montería, Colombia. However, that first photo with his mom swiftly opened a polarizing discussion.

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As you can expect, fans quickly took to the comments section. One Instagram user asked, “Why normalize these kisses on the mouth with your parents?” Another posted a controversial theory: “He has psychological issues for kissing his mom on the lips, I say it from my professional perspective as a psychologist.” They later added several red flag emojis to their comment.

The thousands of other comments on the post seem to echo this sentiment, with another follower asking: “Why does Manuel [Turizo] kiss his mother on the mouth?” Yet another commented, “It is so weird that he kisses his mom like that.” Another wrote: “[Needs] a psychologist urgently.”

However, not everyone thinks the post is that strange. In fact, one person commented, “If you guys kiss trash, I don’t see the problem in him kissing his mom.” Another chimed in: “My 11-year-old son kisses me on the mouth… It’s is exactly the same as when I kiss him on the forehead or nose.”

“I don’t know why everything must be sexualized,” they added.

While Turizo has still not made a statement on the issue, people continue to comment that they thought his post was a girlfriend hard-launch. Yes, a little bit awkward.

Still, he’s not nearly the first celebrity who has publicly kissed his mother on the lips. In fact, he joins the likes of stars like Maluma, 29, and Christian Nodal, 24, who once explained: “You’re not going to kiss your mom like you would a girlfriend, but yes, I give my mom ‘piquitos.'”

Turizo isn’t the first celebrity to do this — in fact, Maluma broke the internet for the same issue in 2019

You may remember when, back on Mother’s Day 2019, Maluma broke the internet. Was it a shirtless selfie? A relationship announcement? Another chart-topping release? Not really. He posted a divisive Instagram photo kissing his mother, Marlli Arias, on the mouth.

At the time, he nonchalantly captioned the photo, “Happy [Mother’s] Day to the love of my life,” clearly not expecting the controversy that followed.

While Maluma later deleted the photo, his publicist clarified his intentions to Page Six. The representative explained, “Now people are going to be able to see different sides of our culture in different ways.”

The representative also described the kiss as a “cultural thing,” alluding to Maluma’s Colombian heritage. Hm.

Meanwhile, Mexican singer Christian Nodal seems to also agree with Maluma when it comes to giving “piquitos” to his mother, Silvia Cristina Nodal. In fact, when Un Nuevo Día asked him about the Maluma kiss controversy, he replied: “There are kisses, and then there are kisses.”

“You’re not going to kiss your mom like you would a girlfriend, but yes, I give my mom ‘piquitos,'” he admitted. “But because of love, because I love her. She is the woman that gave me my life, zero creepiness.”

Interestingly, Nodal’s perspective may connect to Turizo’s own perspective on the issue. Just like the “Botella Tras Botella” star, Turizo has often spoken about the importance of his mother in his life. As per an interview with Shock, the Colombian singer’s mother was the main person who supported his career. Even more, he once recalled to Europa FM: “My mother showed my brother and I [how to dance] before going to school.”

“She would tell us, ‘You guys have to learn how to dance. You have to be the ones who arrive to parties and invite girls to dance.'” And hence… “La Bachata” was born.

Another celebrity who has also found himself embroiled in controversy for this issue? Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández, 52, has also been photographed kissing both his mother, Doña Cuquita, and his late icon father, Vicente Fernández.

While Alejandro Fernández publicly kissed his mother on the lips back in 2019, the “Mátalas” singer also reportedly once kissed his father onstage during a performance.

According to Por Esto!, a reporter from Ventaneando once criticized Vicente Fernández for kissing his children on the lips, even going so far as to sexualize the issue. To that, Chente reportedly replied in an interview: “One day I’m going to see [that reporter] and I won’t limit myself… I’m not threatening to kill him, but he won’t escape a few slaps.”

He also called the reporter “disgusting” several times.

What do you think about this controversial issue?