16-year-old Alberto Ramos sings on the streets of Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela everyday to feed his mother and younger brother. As explained by Instagram user Manuel Nuñez, Ramos has a remarkable voice, impressing people with a range that recalls his biggest inspiration, Mexican singer Alejandro Fernandez. While Ramos has tried to make his dream to be a famous singer come true for years, he “never imagined” receiving the biggest opportunity of his life this week.

After Nuñez discovered Ramos’ story back in February, he vowed to help the boy achieve his musical dreams. That same month, the Instagram influencer made the boy’s first wish come to life: a music video. The 5-minute clip shows Ramos singing some of his favorite tracks, the classic songs “Mátalas,” “Volver, Volver,” and more. Once the video was complete, it was time to move on to the next goal: helping Ramos sing with his biggest idol, Alejandro Fernandez.

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The influencer’s team made the 16-year-old’s wish a reality

As Nuñez wrote on IG, “One of [Ramos’] biggest dreams is to sing with Alejandro Fernandez, one of his biggest idols and the author of most of the songs he sings. [Fernandez] is singing in Caracas on March 25 at the [Poliedro de Caracas]. Do you imagine we can all make the incredible happen that night?… Let’s try.”

By this week, the influencer posted an emotional video: Alberto was going to the Alejandro Fernandez concert after all. He wrote, we brought Alberto 650 kilometers from Puerto Ordaz to Caracas to tell him the incredible news.”

He continued, “Alberto, who sang for years in the streets of Puerto Ordaz to support his family, is now hours away from going to his idol’s concert.” In the video, you can see Ramos get extremely excited, barely able to believe it. That being said, it gets much better.

Fernandez saw Ramos’ music video and invited him to sing onstage

Fast-forward to Fernandez’s concert at the Poliedro de Caracas on March 25, and a miracle happened. As shown in videos from that night, El Potrillo invited his 16-year-old fan onstage to sing “Mátalas” alongside him— and it was magical.

As Nuñez proudly explained, Fernandez saw the music video they made for Ramos and immediately noticed his talent. Fernandez’s team promptly reached out to invite Ramos to his Caracas concert, which they all accompanied him to. However, as Nuñez puts it, “none of them were prepared for what happened hours later.”

Alberto got the chance to meet Fernandez, sing for him in person, and go up onstage in front of 10,000 people to sing with his biggest inspiration. As Nuñez himself put it, Ramos’ voice “deserves to be heard by the whole world,” and they’re working towards that dream.

As shown in videos, Fernandez was deeply impressed with the boy’s performance

As you can see in the video, the two performed an incredible duet. During the performance, Fernandez told the audience, “I want you to hear how this boy sings.”

Nuñez’s post also includes footage of Ramos meeting Fernandez for the first time backstage. During that meeting, the musician sang for Fernandez and posed with him alongside his family. As the IG influencer wrote, “dreams do come true”— and this proves it (look at that smile!):

Meanwhile, Ramos posted about his excitement on his own Instagram, writing, “I want to firstly thank God for gifting me this night! Never forget that dreams come true if we leave it in the hands of God. I think if someone had told me two months ago that I would be on the Gran Poliedro de Caracas’ stage singing next to my idol Alejandro Fernandez, I wouldn’t have believed them.”

In another post, the young singer added, “I want you to see how my life changed in the blink of an eye… one day I was in the La Caribeña Bodegón bakery, all the way to Alejandro Fernandez’s stage.”

He continued, “In less than 24 hours, my life changed.”

Later, Fernandez commented: “You’re a champion!” and we couldn’t agree more.