New revelations have come to light about “El Rey” Vicente Fernández’s death, showing just how much his passing affected his family. While all his loved ones are surely still grieving for the “Volver, Volver” icon, one lesser-known detail shows why son Alejandro Fernández, 51, is finding it even “harder” to heal.

Chente’s widow, Doña Cuquita, spoke to reporters after a mass held in honor of what would have been Fernández’s 83rd birthday. Talking about the family’s grieving process, the matriarch said they are slowly healing. “It’s not easy to overcome, but little by little… we have to overcome it.”

At that point, the mother focused on her third-born son, Alejandro Fernández. Headlines continue to swirl about the “Me Dediqué a Perderte” singer and his difficulties grieving his father’s death. In fact, the singer was viciously criticized earlier this February for being what appeared to be drunk at his Palenque de León, Guanajuato concert.

Fernández later explained that his performance was the result of “a mix” of things. It was the first time singing at the Palenque alongside son Alex Fernández, 29. That experience recalled “many images and memories” of when the 51-year-old first started. This undoubtedly reminded him of his own father, who he performed with for the first time when he was five.

In that same interview, Fernández explained: “[Alex and I] sang the songs I performed with my father… I cried.” He also said people took many aspects of his Palenque de León performance “out of context.”

Moreover, as El País describes, father Vicente actually taught him to have a drink before concerts. “I was very shy… and my dad tried to make me less nervous by saying, ‘Have a cognac,'” which he reportedly kept as tradition (a bit of tequila is fair game, too).

Whether that infamous concert was a product of sadness, nostalgia, or yes, alcohol, one thing is for sure — Alejandro Fernández is still grieving. As Doña Cuquita told reporters, Fernández has even more of a reason to be traumatized by his father’s December 2021 passing: he saw it happen.

The mother explained, “It’s been harder for Alejandro because he saw Vicente die, it’s been heavier” for him. Still, he’s “hanging on.”

Meanwhile, Fernández recently told USA Today that it’s “never going to be easy” performing, knowing his father is gone. He said, “It’s going to be on your mind your whole life… I’m always going to miss him.”

The “Caballero singer continued: “The important thing is trying to overcome this and… [dedicating] my shows to my father.”

And that he will — the star is gearing up for his “Amor Y Patria” 2023 tour as we speak. It is set to celebrate “his love of music, family, and his native Mexico.”

As Doña Cuquita told reporters, the family is “going forward” after the legend’s passing. As she puts it, “we only have one life, and don’t know how long or short it will be.”