While many fans are still grieving over the death of el rey Vicente Fernández, the Mexican TV channel Televisa has come under fire from Fernández’s family for “El Último Rey,” a dramatic series being filmed about the singer’s life.

The series aired last night despite a judge ruling that it could not be released due to the unauthorized use of trademarks owned by the “Hermoso Cariño” singer’s family. The disregard for the ruling caused Doña Cuquita, Fernández’s widow, to release a heartfelt video to fans on Vicente Fernández’s Instagram account railing against Televisa’s use of Fernández’s image for “El Último Rey.” 

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“I want to let the public know that I’m saddened by everything that’s happening now. Vicente left, but I think some people are abusing his name,” Doña Cuquita said in the emotional Instagram video. “They’ve been making a series since October and are releasing it now that he’s not here. But if he were here, he would be helping and supporting me. If they think I’m alone, I’m not alone. If they want to take advantage of me, no. I have my family, I have the public that supports me and I believe in the law.”  

But there’s even more to the story. In a press release outlining some reasons the family is angry about the series, Doña Cuquita takes aim at the star of the series Pablo Montero — who grew up close to the Fernández family — saying that Vicente Fernández would have never approved of Montero playing him in the series. 

“Pablo is a good boy, but he knows his image isn’t what Vicente would have approved of. He knows since November that he’s been participating in an illegal series. All while Vicente was fighting for his life with [Montero] calling himself a friend of our family,” the press release stated. 

The controversy has left Pablo Montero saddened. Juan Osorio, the series producer, said that Montero was hurt by the attack from the Fernández family. 

“If anyone has the essence and knows the family, it’s Pablo. But unfortunately, because of the press release his tears and pain have split him in half and made him vulnerable. But I told him ‘it gives you more force and character to do a great job acting so people know the effort you’ve put in to show respect for Vicente Fernández,'” Osorio said in an interview with Maxine Woodside.

The resistance from the Fernández family has not yet stopped Televisa from airing the series.