Christian Nodal is currently globe-trotting as part of his Foraji2 Tour, serenading fans at Mexico City’s iconic Foro Sol stadium, in Caracas earlier this month, and recently, in Costa Rica’s Centro de Eventos Pedregal.

Nodal’s San Antonio de Belén, Costa Rica concert was a major success. In fact, 20 of his songs reportedly rose to the country’s top 200 charts on Spotify right after his performance. Other outlets report that his concert looked like this, which is mind-blowing.

It’s no surprise as Nodal has admitted to enjoying his Costa Rica concerts just a little bit extra. He once told La Nación, “The concert I have enjoyed the most in my life was in Costa Rica. I did three stadiums and the three nights were unforgettable.”

He described, “I think that’s one of the moments I will take to my grave.”

Fast-forward to his Costa Rica performance on June 17 and it seems like the country gave Nodal one more gift he’ll never forget.

The “Botella Tras Botella” star surprised a group of Deaf fans at his concert by using sign language

After his Costa Rica and Nicaragua concerts, Nodal took to Instagram to share how amazing they were.

“I’ll have you in my heart forever,” he described. “Thank you for your love, for receiving me so beautifully and with such marvelous energy.”

Adding, “I love your way of singing my songs, dancing and enjoying the show.”

Thinking of taking the plunge and buying tickets for Nodal’s U.S. tour kicking off in August? This epic video might be la gota que derrama el vaso for you (sorry to your bank account in advance):

That being said, one of the most memorable moments in Nodal’s Costa Rica concert was when he surprised a group of Deaf fans in the audience.

As seen in a video of the special moment, the “Ya No Somos Ni Seremos” singer directed himself at the group of fans. He said, “I never thought that Deaf audience members would come to one of my shows and that they would identify with my songs.”

“It’s the power of music,” he said.

At that point, Nodal used sign language, saying, “Hello friends, Costa Rica…pura vida.”

“I love you guys so much, thank you for being here tonight.” Swoon.

After that, he gave audience members a rendition of his hit “De Los Besos Que Te Di,” rounding up a perfect night.

Other artists have added inclusivity to their concerts for Deaf fans

Nodal’s gesture to his Deaf fans in Costa Rica was heartwarming and is reminiscent of other artists who have added inclusivity to their concerts.

For one, Coldplay invited a chorus of children who are hard of hearing to perform at their Bogotá concert last year. The chorus, called “Coro Manos Blancas,” is part of Bogotá’s Philharmonic Orchestra. As audience videos show, they gave an emotional, gorgeous rendition of “Something Just Like This” back in September 2022:

As you can see in another video, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin sang the song on his guitar while the rest of the band lightly played their instruments. Meanwhile, the children’s chorus signed all the lyrics as the audience cheered:


A special moment with El Coro de Manos Blancas @filarmonibogota on stage in Bogotá. 🦸‍♀️🤍🦸 #coldplay #somethingjustlikethis #colombia

♬ original sound – coldplay

Meanwhile, singer Camilo shared on Instagram last March the story of a fan named Nacho, from Uruguay.

Nacho attended Camilo’s concert in Montevideo, Uruguay with another attendee who interpreted the lyrics in sign language for him.

The “Vida De Rico” singer invited the fan backstage after the concert, where they had a heartwarming conversation.

Nacho told the singer, “I want to thank you and God. I can’t hear your voice, but I can read your lyrics. And you write the lyrics, that impacted me.”

“Every single day I’m learning more about your metaphors,” he said.

Nacho then showed Camilo how to sign his own name, doing the gesture of a mustache.

Camilo told the fan, “I’ve been trying to learn some things,” and gave him a huge hug.

After the moment, Camilo allowed Nacho to “get to know his voice” by feeling his vocal cords vibrate while he sang “Millones.”

The singer later said on IG, “This interaction touched my soul in a very deep way.”