Mexican singer Christian Nodal fulfilled a lifelong promise this week after buying his elementary school teacher a truck that he promised him when Nodal was his student. The teacher, identified as Frank Javier Gutiérrez Sierra, took to Facebook to express his gratitude.

Nodal first made the promise years ago, when he was Sierra’s student, according to The American Post. Nodal had an idea of where he wanted his life to go at a young age, and vowed to buy his teacher a new truck when he got famous.

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The singer has done exactly what he set out to do and purchased the truck as a way of acknowledging the support his former teacher gave him when he was a child. The truck in question is a 2023 Chevrolet, estimated to cost around $19,000. The “Adiós Amor” singer left the truck in Sierra’s driveway earlier this week.

On Facebook, Sierra, who still lives in Sonora, Mexico, wrote: “God’s timing is Perfect… Thank you Kisha… Cristian, a promise when you were a kid: ‘Teacher when I’m famous I’ll give you a car.’ Promise fulfilled. Thank you and God Bless you… Right now to Argentina, a hug,” adding, “I also love you very much.”

The Facebook post additionally shows Sierra and Nodal on a FaceTime call, presumably after Sierra discovered the new truck on his property. Sierra was also interviewed by YouTuber “El Kuarte de Caborca,” where he revealed a bit more about why Nodal felt he owed him a new vehicle.

According to a translated quote from Light Home: “It was in 2010 or 2011 when Christian was in the sixth year of primary school. I think, I remember very distantly, that I scolded him for something, for a job or a task. He got angry and out of mischief he scratched an S10 car that belonged to my father.”

Sierra still supported Nodal’s dreams of becoming a singer, encouraging him to get on stage even though he defaced Sierra’s car.

As of now, there are over 400 comments on Sierra’s post, almost all of them congratulating the teacher or otherwise acknowledging Nodal’s life-changing generosity. “Felicidades,” reads many of the comments on the post, which also has more than 4,000 reactions.

Nodal has been enjoying worldwide success since his debut album in 2017. Recently, the singer collaborated with Christina Aguilera on a new single, “Cuando Me Dé la Gana,” which was released earlier this year. Nodal first rose to prominence in 2017 for his interpretation of “Adiós Amor,” which currently has more than one billion streams on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.