Vicente Fernandez’s passing back in December 2021 left a hole in the hearts of his fans around the world: while he was indisputably “El Ídolo de México,” he was just as beloved in practically every other country.

The “Acá Entre Nos” singer has since continued to be lauded for his vocal excellency and his love for performing and giving his all to listeners. Meanwhile, new series like Netflix’s “El Rey, Vicente Fernandez” show the musician’s magical rags-to-riches tale that made him the star he was until his death. 

That being said, people continue to wonder about his relationship with his wife, Cuquita Abarca — particularly all of those alleged cheating scandals and what she thinks about them now. While “Doña Cuquita” always stood by Fernandez, notably kissing his coffin at the funeral held for him at VFG Arena in Jalisco, his infidelities were widely known throughout their relationship.

While Fernandez was known to be committed to his family as a unit, naming his famous 500 hectare ranch “Los Tres Potrillos” after his sons Alejandro, Vicente, and Gerardo, his wife Abarca, 76, took the brunt of several cheating scandals. While they met when they were teenagers in Huentitán, and were married up until his passing almost 58 years later, his suspected affairs were practically never-ending.

The media reported alleged affairs between Fernandez and singers like Manoella Torres and Angélica María, plus several other women. Meanwhile, he admitted his affair with actress Patricia Rivera, when he believed her son Rodrigo was in fact his (a DNA test later on showed he actually was not). 

The “Mujeres Divinas” singer even once famously said, “I was never a saint, but no one ever saw me. There’s nothing more important than being discreet.” So, yeah, Fernandez definitely had at least a few affairs while married to Abarca for almost six decades.

Since then, people continue to suspect what his longtime wife felt about the cheating, and everyone’s constant gossip about it. This week, a reporter finally got some answers about what Doña Cuquita thought about the infidelities, and her response was truly surprising. 

As the video shows, a reporter asks Abarca, “How did you manage your husband’s wandering eye?” While the 76-year-old looked taken aback for a second, she confronted the question head-on.

About Fernandez’s “ojo alegre,” Abarca responded, “Alegre también yo,” or, “I was happy, too.” She continued, “If he was happy, I [was] happy with him.” 

And about how she stood by him throughout the infidelities? Abarca explained, “I couldn’t guard that from happening, impossible. I said, ‘He is my husband behind closed doors; outside the door, I don’t know what he does.’”

She said she never felt “insecure” about the affairs, and closed her statement quite simply: “Great that he lived it.”