We’ve never been more pumped for a Netflix show than we are for “El Rey, Vicente Fernández,” which centers on the late star’s rollercoaster life, his rise to fame and his iconic legacy.

If you need proof of how epic it’s set to be, look no further than its brand-new trailer.

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Tracing Chente’s humble beginnings growing up in Huentitán El Alto, Jalisco and later Tijuana, the show depicts how the “Mujeres Divinas” star found his passion in music and conquered the world with his rancheras.

Released yesterday by Netflix Latinoamérica, it opens with Mexico City-born actor Jaime Camil, 49, riding into the shot on a horse — looking like a dead-ringer for Fernandez in a charro suit.

A flashback shows Fernandez as a little boy telling his father, “I don’t want to go to school anymore… I want to sing.” Later shots show how the “Volver, Volver” singer got his start singing as a child in bars and street performances, conquering the public as he grew into teenagedom. 

By adulthood, the trailer shows how Fernandez filled up arenas with people holding countless photos and posters dedicated to him. At that point, the world-renowned singer says something that might make your hair stand on end: “I’ll only die the day that people forget about me.”

While serious drama was attached to Televisa’s Vicente Fernandez series “El Último Rey: El Hijo del Pueblo,” so much so that Fernandez’s widow María del Refugio “Doña Cuquita” Abarca denounced the show and sued the channel, the estate is 100% on board with the Netflix show.

In fact, Fernandez himself recorded a video talking about the Netflix series before his death, defining it as: “My story, my songs, my feelings, and the amount of love I have for all of you.”

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Meanwhile, Camil is just as excited about the series, posting a note about the upcoming show back in September 2021 that read: “Taking on the role of Vicente Fernandez is, without a doubt, the biggest, most important challenge that I’ve had in my career.”

He also described how he formed a relationship with Fernandez’s sons Alejandro, Vicente and Gerardo, which only impulsed him further to give us a Vicente fans “would be proud of.” Camil continued, “Getting to know his life, his beginnings, his challenges and his difficult journey makes me respect his tenacity even more.” The 49-year-old actor even said he often “teared up” when reading the series’ script.

As you may expect, fans are freaking out about the trailer — and the upcoming series in general. Over on Twitter, one user wrote: “Can’t wait to watch the Vicente Fernandez Netflix series!! Que viva El Rey!!!! 🇲🇽” while another agreed, “Great news! I was waiting for this.” 

Meanwhile, some fans stay crushing on Camil — and who can blame them? One fan wrote on Twitter, “Jaime Camil is going to play Vicente Fernandez en El Rey!?!?? Ngl my childhood crush for this man (Jaime Camil) is going to resurface stronger than ever.” We feel seen.

Many of Camil’s Instagram followers also showed their serious excitement for the series release, commenting on his announcement post, “Thank you for bringing us such beautiful work to the screen,” and “This is the series authorized by Don Vicente and his family… I want to see it already.” 

Plus, tons of A-list stars seem just as pumped as us: Eva Longoria commented, “Can’t wait!!! 👏👏👏” while David Bisbal wrote, “Vamoooooooooooooooooosssss!!!!!🙌.” Will they also watch the show eating spicy popcorn with M&M’s mixed in? Only time will tell.

“El Rey, Vicente Fernández” premieres on Netflix Sept. 14.