Thalia, 51, and Tommy Mottola, 74, have a 25-year, whirlwind love story that involves a blind date setup by a friend, handwritten love letters, a standout wedding at the iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC, and a 154-pound wedding gown (!).

But even though they’re one of the most steadfast celebrity couples in the biz, it seems their marriage is in deep water. Amid accusations that Mottola is having an affair with her, Peruvian singer Leslie Shaw is finally speaking out.

All about the rumors circulating Thalia and Mottola right now

Earlier this week, several outlets began to report about Thalia and Mottola possibly separating after 22 years of marriage. Chisme shows like Peruvian Magaly TV jumped quickly on the rumor, citing inside sources.

That being said, the only “proof” of the couple’s possible separation is Thalia’s lack of recent Instagram posts alongside her husband. While the “Marimar” star usually posts cute selfies with Mottola, especially during the holidays, she hasn’t posted anything with him since their anniversary on December 2:

It’s still unclear exactly how 33-year-old Peruvian singer Leslie Shaw got into the picture — even to her. As outlets began to report about Thalia and Mottola’s supposed separation, rumors began to swirl about an alleged affair between Shaw and the former Sony CEO. Why? Good question!

There is zero proof of any affair between Shaw and Mottola — in fact, Shaw only met Thalia when they released a song together titled “Estoy Soltera” and recorded a music video. Even more, as Twitter sleuths uncovered, Thalia still follows Shaw on Instagram. As one Twitter user explained: “If my husband cheats on me with someone, I wouldn’t follow her, I would block her.”

Shaw is finally confronting the cheating rumors

Whether Thalia and Mottola are actually separating, it seems like the music exec’s alleged affair with Shaw is just a rumor. In fact, Shaw sat down with “En Casa Con Telemundo” and finally set the record straight. She explained, “I found it funny… I didn’t expect it.”

Interestingly enough, Shaw is seemingly happy about the rumors — she sees them as free publicity for her music career. The singer said, “It’s been good, because I just released a song… talk about whatever you want, as long as you hear my music I’m happy.”

Reporters also asked Shaw about recording the music video for “Estoy Soltera,” which reportedly gave rise to the alleged infidelity. Did she meet Mottola on set? Actually, she has never even met him. “I only saw Thalia the day of filming… I’ve never met Tommy [Mottola].”

As a Sony Music artist, many wonder if Shaw met Mottola within the record label — but that’s not true, either. She explained, “I worked with Sony Music Latin many years, but I’ve never seen him at any event, or the offices, or the studio, or a party… I don’t know him.” Crystal clear!

Will Shaw text Thalia to set the record straight? Unlikely

Shaw says she would be too “embarrassed” to text Thalia regarding the rumor, and only talks to her about music. She believes that saying anything to Thalia would make the “No Me Acuerdo” star “uncomfortable,” preferring to ignore it. As Shaw puts it, it’s just “another chisme.”

Plus, the Peruvian singer says she “respects” and “admires” Thalia too much for these rumors to be true.

Meanwhile, Shaw told Magaly TV she doesn’t “have anything to do” with the celebrity couple’s possible separation. Assuring she’s “never” met Mottola “in her life,” she asked: “Why are they involving me?”

Still, the 33-year-old is “taking advantage” of the press, and explained she’s still very-happily engaged to singer El Prefe.