Breaking: Telenovela fans just got the shock of a lifetime when Mexican actress and singer Thalía decided to recreate her signature look from her 1994 novela “Marimar.” 

The one-season show was famously a breakout hit, and it seems like fans are still holding on for dear life to that sometimes-tragic love story — and that dress and curls.  

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Thalía, 50, took to Instagram to let fans in on all her “Marimar” secrets, teaching them how to recreate a look that belongs straight on that unforgettable beach in San Martin de la Costa. 

As you may remember, the novela followed Thalía as Marimar, a poor young woman who lived in a small hut. Marimar soon falls in love with the wealthy Sergio, and just about five million deliciously-dramatic things happen soon after.

“Marimar” is very much a Cinderella story, with the protagonist being the target for bullying from Sergio’s seriously-evil stepmother, and her big move to Mexico City where she decides to change her life. 

This novela has revenge, love, hate, and everything in between — so it’s no wonder fans seem just as excited about it as they were back in the 90s.

The “No Me Acuerdo” singer posted a wildly entertaining video on Instagram where she shows exactly how to get Marimar’s look. She first brings out that epic, tattered, embroidered dress that made the character famous: “You won’t believe what I just found… the original dress for Marimar, ‘la costeñita’.” 

The actress, singer and dancer explained in the caption that finding the dress “made her cry of happiness and remember an avalanche of unforgettable moments.” Honestly, same. Deciding to take the full look to the beach to truly honor the telenovela, Thalía explained she first had to make sure her hair and makeup were every bit as “Marimar” as possible.

First up? Hair. Much to our excitement, Thalía is a fan of Latina-owned Rizos Curls, and explained how she uses the brand’s Curl Defining Cream to make her mane as beachy and curly as it looked in the novela’s episodes. Dampening her hair, Thalía explained how she uses a diffuser to get the style just right.

After applying bronzing makeup from head to toe as she “did daily during filming” and putting on the dress, Thalía hit the beach — and can we just say: immediately iconic. 

The triple threat wrote in her caption, “So magical, and so fortunate to be able to share these emotions with Bella’s original fans.” She continued, “I had so much fun doing it for you guys… even though I must admit, I also did it for me… and it made something hidden in my heart very happy.” 

Fans immediately went wild in the comments section, with users writing, “Ayyy MARIMAR!!! How to forget!!! So beautiful😍❤️ The years don’t pass for you!❤️,” “Forever fan of Marimar” and “OMG this moment brought me so much happiness, I didn’t know I needed this moment, this was your first character that I saw and my first novela.” 

Some fans poked some fun, like one user who aptly wrote, “Don’t let Kim [Kardashian] see this dress,” referencing the star’s Marilyn Monroe Met Gala dress some reports said she damaged

Still, all in all, the video was everything we needed on a Monday — as one fan pointed out, Marimar is our “eternal childhood.”