Thalía is mourning the death of her grandmother Eva Mange Márquez, who died on Friday June 24, at 104 years old. Now, the Mexican icon is joining other family members in remembering Mange’s “beautiful journey through this earth.”

The “A Quién Le Importa” singer’s sister Laura Zapata, who is also an actress and singer, first shared the news on Twitter on Friday night. She posted a graphic that says, “We lament the passing of Doña Eva Mange Marquez. We are grateful for your understanding during this difficult moment.” 

She tied the message with, “Farewell loved grandmother. Thank you for everything, thank you for so much.” As can be noted in the graphic, Mange was born Jan. 18, 1918, making her 104 years old at the time of her death.

Zapata captioned the post with, “My grandmother  🕊Eva🕊flew away… Safe travels back to the Lord’s home, I love you and celebrate your new life…🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.” 

As reported by El Universal, Thalía followed up by sharing a photo on her Instagram stories of a white dove with a broken heart emoji. The “Maria La Del Barrio” actress then reposted Zapata’s graphic on her own Twitter account, with several fans offering their condolences.

Meanwhile, according to El Financiero, the cause of Mange’s death remains unknown. That being said, a problematic stay at nursing home Le Grand Senior Living in Huixquilucán, México, allegedly left her with several injuries, causing her health to deteriorate. At that point, Zapata brought Mange in to live with her, and cared for her until her last days. 

While Mange’s health had improved, Zapata reportedly posted on social media last month that she was in the hospital with her grandmother, and that Mange was suffering from severe anemia. Much of Mange’s health fell to her grandchildren, especially after Zapata and Thalía’s mother Yolanda Miranda Mange died back in 2011.

Incidentally, Thalía’s grandmother sued the singer and her other grandchildren for money for food in 2012. At the time, she said, “They don’t bother to even ask me how I’m doing.” 

Still, Zapata cared for her until the end of her life, and Thalía reportedly helped her financially. 

The “Equivocada” singer also shared a touching video on her Instagram account dedicated to her grandmother’s life, captioning it, “You were strength until your last days… [fighting] to stay on your feet until your last hours.” Thalía also shared that Mange “made them warriors to face any adversity in life” and taught them their “mischievous sense of humor.” 

The singer and actress described her late grandmother as someone who sang and danced problems away, and had a “marvelous life.” She also included her own mother in the tribute, writing that she was surely waiting for Mange up in the sky — and that she told her about it in a dream. 

Thalía concluded the touching message with, “You are free, beautiful soul, there is no more pain… You will always be near our [heart]. Te amo abuelita 🙏🏼🕊.”