Thalia, 51, and music exec husband Tommy Mottola, 74, have made headlines for decades, ever since their first meet-cute back in 1998.

Today, they’ve undoubtedly achieved iconic celeb couple status, living the good life alongside their two children— and still making us wonder if “Thammy” or “Tolia” is a better couple nickname (neither? Okay). As rumors of possible infidelity swirl, we decided to look back on their surprising love story — which all started with an unexpected blind date.

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All about Thalia and Mottola’s courtship

Thalia talked about meeting Motolla on her Facebook Watch series “Latin Music Queens,” describing exactly how their love flourished. The “Marimar” star explained that she met Mottola in 1998 “in New York City on a blind date” after being set up by another very famous celeb couple. Who? None other than Emilio and Gloria Estefan.

She told the “Today” show that the two weren’t initially sold on each other — at least before meeting. She said, “Emilio said, ‘She’s a singer’ and Tommy was like, ‘OK, stop right there, don’t tell me anything else!’” Meanwhile, when Estefan told her Mottola had just gotten divorced and had two kids, she said, “Stop right there,” too. Still, Estefan insisted they meet — and it paid off.

The singer and actress described how struck she was by the former Sony Music chairman and CEO, saying: “When I met him, it was like, ‘This guy is so special, and so fun, sexy, and smart.’” Still, there were some challenges along the way, too.

The Mexico City-born star explained that meeting Motolla was humbling, since she was the star in Latin America and beyond — but he was the bonafide “king” of New York. She said, “In New York, he’s the legend, the king, and everything… I was just nobody, in New York, you become one in the middle of a crowd.”

Thalia was used to everyone calling her name (A.K.A. “Señorita Thalia”) everywhere she went, but in NYC, it was different. Suddenly, everyone was calling out “Mr. Mottola,” and she felt like she was “second,” which the star describes as a challenge.

It turns out Mottola is a romantic — and Thalia is, too

Still, at that point, it was time for Thalia to go film her novela “Rosalinda” in Mexico. Did they halt their courtship, though? Not a chance. Mottola showed he was falling for Thalia just as much as she was, sending her flowers and calling her “every day.”

During their time apart, they would also send each other handwritten love letters. Quickly, they “fell in love,” and reportedly met up again in Miami. Then, la prueba de fuego: the music exec invited her to spend a couple of weeks at his Hamptons home that summer. Without missing a beat, Thalia packed “12 pieces of luggage” and her Maltese dog, and “never went back.”

Just one year and a half later, they were married at NYC’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral on December 2, 2000 — becoming the wedding of the year. Thalia wore a gown designed by Pueblo Viejo, Michoacán designer Mitzy, who concocted a cloud-like dream of pearls, Swarovski crystals, and thread. The dress fit for a princess weighed more than 70 kilos, and comprised silk, and was everything Thalia ever wanted from a wedding dress.

Their wedding day might have been “freezing,” but it was still perfect

The star told Vogue: “That dress was a dream of mine for years, I wanted a giant dress.” It was so giant though, that it was hard to go up the stairs. “The wedding gown wasn’t letting me get married, but we succeeded.” Pure Thalia fashion, and we love it.

Not even a wedding gown with a 17 meter train could stop the happy couple from tying the knot, making for a truly-spectacular occasion. The star posted on Instagram that although their wedding day was “freezing” and -10 degrees, she still “walked towards her love.”

She wrote, “In love, confident in our love since that day… Thank you for being my life partner, for loving me how I am— accelerated, impulsive, romantic, a dreamer… and passionate about life.”

One of the cutest parts of the wedding? They chose their “celestina” Emilio Estefan as the best man. Talking about the decades-long couple, Estefan explained: “I believe a lot in destiny. I told Tommy, ‘You have to meet this girl.‘ I told Thalia, ‘You have to meet this guy.'”

Talking about Thalia and Mottola, he described them as “two people that are so important in my life because we share so many incredible moments, and they’re my family.” Meanwhile, he said being chosen as the best man at the wedding was “incredible,” too.

This is Thalia’s best advice for dealing with couple arguments

Today, the couple shares two children together: Sabrina, 15, and Matthew, 11. Thalia said on “Latin Music Queens” that although their love is a fairytale, there are bumps along the journey, too. She said both her and Mottola are all about “the education of their kids,” but sometimes butt heads. “We are very emotional and sensitive, and sometimes it could be a nuclear bomb.”

Their solution when they fight, though? “Breathe, and see you tomorrow. Go to sleep, and see you tomorrow. After coffee, we talk.” As Thalia sees it, “You have to pick your battles.”

Besides the arguments, rumors, and any other challenges, there’s no doubt the couple’s 25-year love story is one for the books.