Public discourse changed forever when society could share their thoughts online. Since then, the peanut gallery has never shied away from giving their two cents on anything. So, when Vogue announced their December cover star, Lauren Sánchez, people had many thoughts. 

Sánchez, the fiancé of Jeff Bezos, is an American media personality who started as a reporter and anchor. Her Vogue story was a profile on her life’s work and where she envisions her future. She even discussed her relationship with the Amazon founder — revealing they have a “pretty normal life.”

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The internet, for the most part, was not impressed. Since the Sánchez and Bezos images were released, people have posted TikToks, memes and left colorful commentary under the images. Below, we’ve recapped the overall sentiment of folks online.

Bezos and Sánchez, coming to a telenovela near you? Internet memes seem to think so

The interview has made its way through the internet, with memes emerging from every corner. One thing people couldn’t abstain from? Turning Bezos and Sánchez into a telenovela.

It didn’t take long before some folks got creative and put their own spin on the image of the billionaire couple. One X user shared a meme of a potential book cover for which the picture could be used.

“In Hardback and coming soon to Audible,” they wrote.

Another X user pulled inspiration from the cowboy hat Bezos wore and did a riff on a telenovela classic.

Designed with text referencing a Bezos and Sánchez-led “Pasión de Gavilanes,” the user said, “Coming soon to Univisión.”

Others questioned the authenticity of the couple’s photo, asking if it was AI-generated

An X user asked, “This is AI generated, right [?]”

Someone else quickly responded, “Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos with his wife in a truck while he’s wearing a cowboy hat. The photo, taken as part of a photoshoot for Vogue magazine[.]”

Stylist Caitlin Burke said on Instagram, “I thought this was an AI image of Teresa Giudice and Brooks from RHOC.”


Meanwhile, another user commented, “Bahahahahahahaha. Oh wait…this is a real post? The fake biceps of it all.”

Many TikToks shared the users’ disbelief that Vogue would put the couple in an article


#CapCut #jeffbezos #voguemagazine #laurensanchez #bought #billionnaire #plasticsurgery #newwifey #yuck #theick #whytho #cosplay

♬ original sound – V. Goble kid 📖 author+teacher

One TikTok talked about how the cover gave them the “ick.”

User @fashionroadman posted a video calling the whole story “shananigans with Jeff Bezos.”

“I literally just came back from the gym and I saw this funny article that Vogue Magazine posted of Jeff Bezos and his fiancé. All I can think of when I was reading this is, is that this is the exact reason why print magazines are dying,” he says.

Someone responded to his post asserting that stories like this made them want to start their own magazine. This prompted a response from @fashionroadman saying that “legacy fashion media is so uninspired.”

Others accused Bezos of paying Vogue large sums to get his fiancé on the cover of the magazine

TikToker @heyhunterrr posits, “I wonder how much Jeff Bezos had to pay to get his fiance a story in Vogue.” 

They also questioned whether the magazine “did the story for the photos?”

“Y’all really losing advertising dollars that bad? How much he paid for his cover,” someone on Instagram asked.

Another user asserted, “One day I want to be rich enough to pay people to write stuff like this about me.”

Despite the overall sentiment of the photos, Bezos and Sánchez fans came to their defense

Afro-Latina and former basketball player Niesha Butler reminded everyone that Vogue wasn’t a “political magazine.”

“I think they’re super cute and I’m totally aware of what’s going on in the world. @voguemagazine is not a political magazine,” her comment begins. 


She continues, “In fact it’s just a break ( a very small one ) from the cruelty and suffering WE SEE ALL AROUND US… damn like can we take a moment to just clap in the name of love.”

Known to rally behind their loved ones much like Vin Diesel does in his films, some Kardashians celebrated the pictures. 


Kris Jenner shared, “This King and Queen are magical!! These photographs are STUNNING!! Beyond gorgeous! Congratulations @laurenwsanchez @jeffbezos.”

Her daughters Kim and Khloe both chimed in, relaying their love for the pictures as well.