As an undisputed super middleweight boxing champion, Guadalajara-born Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez isn’t exactly known as a big softie. 

Sure, Canelo recently talked about starting out in life selling ice cream from a truck — that is, until he got his first pair of boxing gloves at age 10 and realized his God-given talent — but ice cream is where we thought the fierce boxer’s sweetness ended.

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That being said, Canelo put his loving, adorable side on full display at his daughter Emily’s quinceañera this past weekend — and we’re living for it.

The 32-year-old boxer’s daughter Emily Cinnamon turned 15 on October 12, prompting him to post about the occasion over on Instagram.

Posting two super-cute photos of the two of them, the second picture including his 5-year-old daughter María Fernanda, Canelo wrote the caption: “Lo mejor que me pudo pasar hace 15 años. Te amo hija mía, sé muy feliz siempre ❤️ @emilyc.alvarez felices quince 😍.” 

As you can expect, the boxer spared no expense when it came to his first-born daughter’s quinceañera, with Emily donning three gorgeous dresses designed by Culiacán, Sinaloa fashion designer Wil Medina. 

As posted by the designer himself on Instagram, Emily first wore a gorgeous red gown with a matching scarlet crown and red roses for the church ceremony. 

Meanwhile, the second party look came in the form of a sparkly, gold off-the-shoulder ensemble with a matching hair accessory, culminating with a third, silver mini dress “para cerrar con broche de oro.” Medina also designed the gown for Emily’s mother, Karen Beltrán.

As reported by Quinto Poder, the church ceremony took place in the Catedral de Guadalajara, and was followed up by a gorgeous reception.

Thought up by event design house Gonzalez + Helfon, the theme was “London Dream,” and as Instagram pictures show, was epic — including a full-out “royal sweets” room and official party merch including t-shirts, hoodies, and dolls.

The design house’s social media post also shows how Canelo danced with Emily, making for a beautiful father-daughter moment. 

Even more social media posts show just how proud Canelo is of his daughter, getting up in front of guests to say: “[Emily] designed this party, it is her party… and have a lot of fun, my love.” In another video, the boxer adds, “Let’s have fun.”

And fun they had — because we’re talking Canelo’s daughter after all, the party had epic musical guests we still can’t get over. For one, Ángel Meno sang “Mi Princesa” during Emily and the boxer’s father-daughter dance, who later wrote on Instagram: “It was a pleasure to sing for you and your princess.”

Carín Leon also sang at the quinceañera, singing hit tracks like “Secuelas de Amor,” “Tú,” “Como Lo Hice Yo” and “La Boda del Huitlacoche.” As shown in Instagram photos published by Leon himself, it seems like Canelo got up on stage, and might have sung a few songs, too (yup, quince of our dreams).

The show only continued, later bringing in none other than Grupo Firme as the all-star performance of the night (we can’t get over it either). Singing bops like  “El Tóxico,” we also got a special rendition of “Ya Súperame” — bringing in Canelo’s vocals and a few glasses of tequila.

TikTok videos show how Canelo and Grupo Firme’s Eduin Caz sing “Ya Súperame” together, with the boxer taking Caz’s hat right in the middle of the performance. One possible hitch, though? Some media outlets have reported that Canelo may have kicked Grupo Firme out of the party at the end of the night, because an incident made him “angry.”

No matter what went down, the important thing is that Emily had an incredible time. And as referenced by her recent Instagram caption thanking her parents for making the night possible, it seems the boxer has raised her to have a great head on her shoulders, too.