Breaking: Guadalajara-born boxer Canelo Álvarez, 32, is a Pulparindo fan, and now we feel like we’ve just unlocked a whole other level of his personality.

The super middleweight sat down with First We Feast to talk about and eat all his “favorite” snacks on camera, and some of his picks were pretty unexpected.

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The boxer began his feast with a few bites of Pulparindo candy, the chewy Mexican De La Rosa treat that’s made out of tamarindo and chile.

The boxer explained that the Jalisco candy is “one of his favorites” because it “reminds” him of being in school, when he would eat them all the time. Canelo described the tamarindo, chile, sugar creation as “delicious,” which says all we need to know about him: the man has good taste.

After the Pulparindo, the boxer went on to punch through a bag of Doritos, which he says are some of his “favorite” chips of all time.

A surprising detail? The 32-year-old said he prepares himself a plate of Doritos with chile, lime and cucumber about “three times a week.” Smiling wide as he ate the chips, he said he also likes the Cool Ranch variety, explaining: “I can eat [them] all day.” 

While Canelo said that Doritos are “very popular” in Mexico, nothing seems to beat his next fave: Sabritones.

He explained that the classic chile and lime-flavored chips are “delicious,” and that he used to eat them more often than Doritos. The boxer also compared Sabritones to Mexican duritos snacks, and said they’re best if you let them “melt in your mouth.” Canelo clearly knows a thing or two about snacking, and we’re here for it.

Another snack that the father of four can’t live without? Some fruit — with tajín sprinkled on top, of course.

He explained, “Tajín is salt with chile and it gives these kinds of things flavor… A lot of people don’t like eating fruit… if you add tajín, it changes everything.” Tajín’s superpower? “Now you won’t just like [fruit], you’ll love it.” Whoever’s had a plate of tajín-sprinkled mango, watermelon or jícama knows Canelo is only speaking straight up facts.

Now we also know the championship-winner also has a sweet tooth, and isn’t immune to some midnight cravings.

Grabbing a box of M&M’s, he said they are “delicious” but he prefers the peanut variety (same). He explained, “I love chocolate… I can’t have these on my diet but at night I get anxiety and I start looking for chocolate.” The boxer said he cuts his cravings by eating one or two M&M’s and going back to sleep. Noted!

When the Mexican boxer “isn’t on a diet,” he also loves Snickers — so much so, that he’ll “always” have them for dessert after meals. Saying he would leave the interview “bien panzón,” he said he adores eating some taquitos de chicharrón followed up by a Snickers bar after playing golf.

His final favorite sweet snack seems to be the best for last: Nutella & Go with Breadsticks.

Smiling like a kid as he got handed the snack, the boxer said he always has at least “three boxes” of them at home. He explained that even his 5-year-old daughter María Fernanda has caught wind of his obsession, asking him, “Nutella sticks again, dad?”

He says the snack is the “perfect portion,” and he eats about three or four a day.

And us? Now we’re craving all of the above. But it’s nice to know star athletes’ snack favorites are just like ours!