We love to see Latinos supporting each other, even when we’re talking about some of the biggest celebrities in the world. “Luis Miguel: The Series” actor Diego Boneta, 31, made his way out to Las Vegas with girlfriend Renata Notni, 27, just in time to support boxer Canelo Álvarez after his match against Dmitry Bivol on Saturday — and let’s just say it was a night few will ever forget.

Although Álvarez sadly lost to Bivol after a unanimous decision by the judges, he didn’t seem too fazed by it. In fact, he stated after the match: “Sometimes in boxing, you win or lose. I lost today and he won.”

The Mexican boxer also said that Bivol is “a really good fighter” and that “it was a good victory for him,” showing he will always be a good sport above all else. And of course, there’s always the possibility of a rematch.

Showing just how okay he was with the loss, Canelo went out on the town with wife Fernanda Gómez right after. Meeting up with fellow Mexican celebs Boneta and Notni, Canelo looked as happy as ever in videos as they all partied at Zouk Nightclub. And then, things got even better.

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The club suddenly transformed into a full-on celebration of all things Mexico, with the electronic music coming to a halt. Replaced by Luis Miguel’s “La Media Vuelta,” clips show Canelo and Boneta singing the song with two microphones. Even better? It’s all on video:

The pair reportedly sang another Luis Miguel hit “Cuando Calienta El Sol” right after, which must have been easy for Boneta after famously playing the pop star for three seasons.

Álvarez’s wife Gómez also lent her support to her husband on Instagram, writing, “So proud of you, of the risks you take to get out of your comfort zone, you’re a champion in every sense of the word.” And for the haters? She added, “only those standing up can fall, those who have never fallen have probably dragged themselves their whole lives.”

Canelo reportedly also spoke out about risk-taking at the nightclub, saying: “those who don’t take risks don’t do anything.” He added, “I want to tell you that this is going to make me a lot stronger and you can’t imagine what’s next.”