If you caught Canelo Álvarez’s fight against Gennady “GGG” Golovkin on Saturday, you know the Las Vegas match ended with a clear win for the Guadalajara-born super middleweight. While the world-renowned boxers led up to the fight with tons of trash talking, the two hugged by the end — allegedly leaving their long-winded feud behind them. 

But the boxers’ peaceful resolution and Canelo’s big win weren’t the only positive things that came out of the fight. We also got to see Canelo’s adorable five-year-old daughter support her dad by exhibiting all her Mexican pride.

As posted by Canelo’s wife Fernanda Gómez on Instagram, their daughter María Fernanda showed up to her father’s fight at T-Mobile Arena wearing a gorgeous gown clearly inspired by Mexico. The five-year-old’s dress was reminiscent of the Mexican flag, combining a dark green satin bodice with a large red sash. Meanwhile, as shown in photos posted by Gómez, the little girl’s dress also included incredible, ornate embroidery.

While we’re already wondering if María Fernanda’s dress comes in adult size, we also had to know who made it. As reported by Univision, the dress was designed by iconic Mexican designer Benito Santos, who also recently designed the 2022 Día De Los Muertos Barbie.

Santos’ special Barbie creation was inspired by his country Mexico, specifically charro suits — and we also want a gown just like Barbie’s now. 

María Fernanda’s amazing dress wasn’t the only way showed her support for her father in his fight (even though we’ll never get over her and mom Gómez’s coordinated looks!). The five-year-old also sang the Mexican national anthem, knowing the “entire thing” and making her mother very “proud” according to IG stories. 

The boxer’s daughter held up and waved the Mexican flag throughout the fight, and ran up to her father at the press room to congratulate him afterwards. Videos show her running to Canelo, screaming “papá,” getting twirled by him before a super-cute embrace.

At that point, the boxer tells his daughter, “Mi corazón with a wig” (LOL) and calls her “beautiful.” 

Later that night, presumably while María Fernanda was soundly sleeping, Canelo continued the celebrations by partying with pals like actor Diego Boneta — including yet another karaoke session between them. This time singing “El Rey,” there’s no doubt Canelo has officially retained his “king” title once more.