There’s no doubt Canelo Alvarez’s legacy in boxing is unmistakable and unparalleled: as per Box Rec, the Guadalajara, Mexico-born middleweight is the best active boxer in the world. There’s no doubt Canelo has all the chops once he’s in the ring, but his ringwalks before his fights are equally iconic.

The boxer posted a video on his Instagram where he can be seen talking about his legendary ringwalks, or the epic entrances into the ring he is famous for. 

Captioning the video with “Always got to put on a show 🎬,” the boxer explains that he has two favorite ringwalks that will live on in his memory forever. 

The first? His ringwalk alongside Colombian music superstar J Balvin, who accompanied him down the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida before his fight against Avni Yildirim. The two walked around the stadium pumping up the audience as Balvin sang his hit “Mi Gente,” in a performance that included a light show and background dancers. 

About the Miami ringwalk, Canelo said it was one of “the best” of his career and one of the “nicest ones,” particularly because he counts Balvin as a friend. He explains how “everything came together” so the two could share that special moment in front of their fans.

That being said, few ringwalks will ever top the one Canelo presented at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas before his fight against British boxer Billy Joe Saunders. Why? It was a legendary tribute to his México querido, bringing together mariachis and la familia Aguilar for a performance that included songs like “México Lindo y Querido”, “Soy Puro Mexicano,” and of course, “El Rey.”

It’s easy to get goosebumps watching the performance, which featured a Mexican flag-themed backdrop and united singers Pepe Aguilar, daughter Angela Aguilar, and son Leonardo Aguilar in a rousing concert audiences couldn’t get enough of. Belting out classic songs alongside mariachis and dancers, the family welcomed Canelo before his fight— and the crowd went wild.

As Canelo describes it, this ringwalk is one of his favorites ever, and is one of the ringwalks he has “enjoyed the most” in his career. He explained, “I think it came out spectacularly with so many Mexicans there for Cinco de Mayo,” saying that “having them there was an honor.”