Mexican boxer extraordinaire Canelo Álvarez is best known for winning countless world championships, being ranked the best active boxer by outlets like ESPN, and being the first boxer ever to become an undisputed champion at super middleweight.

There’s no doubt Canelo is a living legend, and has always stepped into the ring with confidence in his talent — and major pride for his birthplace of Guadalajara, Mexico. 

Canelo’s “mantra” is to “continue to make history,” and he recently stated: “I’ll fight everybody. I don’t f—ing care.” As the boxer continues to cement his place as a true icon, fans have noticed his willingness lately to take more interviews in English.

This week, journalists Ricardo Celis and Claudia Trejos asked Canelo about his experience learning English and speaking it more often — and we never thought we would love the boxer even more, but here we are.

After Celis congratulated Canelo for speaking English in several interviews, something “other Mexican boxers never wanted to try,” the boxer explained: “I’ve never studied English, I tried for a month but studying has [never been my thing].” Still, he always practices the language with friends while playing golf, and speaks English whenever possible. 

And any fear of making mistakes? Non-existent. Canelo said, “if I make a mistake, it doesn’t matter. I’m trying to do it, and I think that’s what’s going to help you speak the language.” Plus, his friends have given the boxer more confidence in his English-speaking abilities, which makes sense: he actually does speak it really well.

If you’ve never heard Canelo speak English, prepare to be shook. While the boxing champ’s language abilities are great no matter where he is, his English gets even better when trash-talking:

Yeah, we can’t get over it, either. While Canelo’s English is pretty perfect, if he does make a mistake, it’s no concern to him. He explained, “if I make a mistake, why don’t you try speaking Spanish?”