If you’re a big Canelo Álvarez fan, the latest news straight from the super middleweight champion himself will definitely interest you. There’s a brand-new adult animated series in the works about the boxer’s life and it will shed new light on his rise to greatness.

As reported by Variety, the animated series will focus at length on Álvarez’s life, following both his youth in Juanacatlán, Jalisco, and his later worldwide fame as one of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport.

The Guadalajara-born sports star told the outlet he is “excited” to see his story and career “brought to TV through this incredible medium,” Álvarez told the outlet. “It will give my loyal fans a new way to follow my journey to the top of boxing and can also bring new followers to this beautiful sport.” 

The series is set to be written and produced by the Mexican-American showrunner Erick Galindo, who took to Instagram to share the news.

“Mexican redheads uniting for a big TV project! I’m partnering with @canelo to create an animated tv show about his life!”He captioned a video of himself boxing, showing how excited he is about the opportunity.

Prior to Canelo’s project, Galindo has been involved in other major media projects such as “Mexican Beverly Hills,” “WILD,” and “Ballad of Chalino Sanchez.”

The boxer is also working alongside Brooklyn-based animation production company Cartuna and Los Angeles-based production company Campanario Entertainment to bring his story to life. Mike Flavin of Cartuna described to Variety the significance of this series for the company: 

“There are athletes, there are superstars, and then there are national heroes… Canelo is definitely the latter of the three.” Flavin explained they “feel lucky to be able to bring his story to life and use animation to tell a story brimming with heart.”

The athlete recently shared with VMan Magazine that his childhood consisted of selling ice cream from his parent’s truck, and realizing his passion after getting bullied at 10 years old— leading his brother to buy him a pair of boxing gloves.

Fans are so interested in all aspects of his life, even what he eats! That’s probably why he recently sat down with the team at First We Feast to talk about how he grew up eating snacks like Pulparindo and Sabritones, we’re crossing our fingers that all of that makes it into the series! 

It is a pleasant surprise that Álvarez has chosen to go with an adult animated series to showcase his life to fans, which will surely pack an extra punch of creativity and artistry. Jaime Dávila of Campanario is especially excited about highlighting Latino voices through the series: “To have the opportunity to tell Canelo Álvarez’s story with the help of Erick Galindo, another one-of-a-kind Mexican and esteemed writer, is an incredible honor for us.”

Dávila continued, “Latino stories deserve to be told in all formats, and we’re looking forward to creating a dynamic animated world” with the series. We can’t wait!