Billboard’s Latin Women in Music gala aired this past weekend on Telemundo for the first time in history—and it didn’t disappoint.

The awards show celebrated Latinas in the music industry, honoring Shakira with the sought-after Woman Of The Year award, Mexican singer-songwriter Ana Gabriel with the Living Legend award, Thalia with the Global Powerhouse award and more.

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Each honored celeb gave a rousing speech, with Shakira proclaiming: “It doesn’t matter so much if someone is loyal to you; the important thing is that you’re loyal to yourself.”

We are here for it!

The gala brought us internet-breaking moments, too. Maluma introduced Shakira by saying her now-infamous line, “Las mujeres ya no lloran las mujeres facturan,” and La Caballota, Ivy Queen, dropped a new song that’s ripe for perreo.

Thus, we thought it best to round up the night’s biggest highlights for anyone who might’ve missed it. After all, as Thalía said in her speech, this is for all the “chingonas.”

1. Shakira’s five-minute speech inspired us all to be faithful to ourselves

Accepting the coveted Woman of the Year award from Maluma, Shakira’s five-minute speech resonated with all of us.

Introducing the songstress, Maluma told the crowd: “I’ve seen firsthand that Shakira writes her songs from the heart and her experiences, and this year she was able to turn adversity into art, emotions and pain into music.”

The “Felices Los 4” singer referenced her iconic record-breaking “BZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 53,” which Shakira also paid homage to in her speech.

As one fan joked, the Barranquillera’s speech is being analyzed in Spain and beyond — primarily due to its correlation with her separation from Spanish soccer star Gerard Piqué in 2022.

“This has been a year of seismic change in my life where I’ve felt more than ever and very personally what it is to be a woman,” Shakira said in her speech. “Because what woman hasn’t at some time in her life forgotten herself because she’s seeking the attention and love of someone else? It happened to me, more than once,” she added.

Furthermore, the 46-year-old icon also referenced how deep her heartbreak was and how much inspiration she harvested from it. On a very personal note, Shakira explained: “Only a woman can love until she’s ripped apart; can speak with the most brutal honesty; can sing with anger; dance in ecstasy and be brought to tears with emotion.”

2. The night gave us the 2000s-era photo remake we didn’t know we needed

Rumors of Shakira and Thalia’s rivalry have circled for decades, but were shot down last night with this iconic reunion. After 20 years, the legendary singers posed for a photo that broke the internet.

We’re also wondering: are they drinking that flower tea from “Tangled” that keeps you young forever? How do they look like that?

Thalia posted a video that shows the two embracing and excited as ever to reunite. As the “Amor A La Mexicana” singer wrote to Shakira: “It was so beautiful hugging you again.”

3. Ivy Queen co-hosted the night and showed us how reggaeton legends drop perreo hits

Even if you didn’t know you needed an Ivy Queen hit this summer, turns out — we all did. The Puerto Rican star took a step back from co-hosting Billboard’s Latin Women in Music gala for a bit to perform her new song “Toma” and it was epic.

The singer wrapped the show with the song, kicking off the performance wearing a big puffer as she sang, “Toma reggaeton, pa’ que sienta la presión reggaeton.”

Before long, the diva gave us an outfit change into a Cleopatra-esque gold number—and yes, we’re already obsessed with that “Métele sazón a lo Calderon” line. Tego fans for life!

Also, if you never thought you’d catch Ana Gabriel jamming out to reggaeton, here’s proof of how she gets down:

4. Speaking of Ana Gabriel, the Mexican singer-songwriter was honored with a well-deserved Living Legend award

Billboard’s gala honored the “Tú Lo Decidiste” powerhouse with the Living Legend award, which referenced the Guamúchil, Mexico-born star’s 50-year career.

The 67-year-old sang her greatest hit “Simplemente Amigos.” A tune that we, our moms, and abuelas know every word to. If you don’t know the words by heart, are you even Latino?

Her acceptance speech was just as iconic.

La Diva de América thanked “all the women who continue to fight for music to save lives and spirits,” much like she has always done with cortavena hits like “Cómo Olvidar.”

The star then described the Latin root of the word “legend,” talking about how it means to be “read, seen, [and] known.”

“With much respect and humility, I receive this honor because I’m still seen and listened to through my singing…” she explained. “Someone who still leaves footprints after a 49-year career…I am who I am because my audience decided it.”

5. The unforgettable memory of Goyo receiving her Agent of Change award alongside her mother and daughter

Colombian singer Goyo, from the electrifying band ChocQuibTown, was honored by Billboard’s gala with the Agent of Change award — but few expected what would happen next. The singer rose to the stage with her mother, Nelfa, and her daughter, Saba.

Goyo’s mother emotionally took the microphone, “Words are excessive when emotions speak… It’s an honor to present this award to my daughter… Thank you God for gifting me this daughter.”

Then, the singer’s daughter added: “Thank you, Mom, for always inspiring me and encouraging me to chase my dreams.”

We’re not crying, you are. Okay, we both are.

Receiving the award from fellow Colombian, Greeicy, the “Pa’ Olvidarte” singer thanked her native country first.

“I want to thank Colombia with all my heart,” she started. Shifting the attention toward her mother and daughter, “They are my strength every day to go on.”

Lastly, she thanked Billboard for the honor, calling the award “pure motivation.”

6. Finally, Thalia didn’t just give us a danceable medley of hits — she also gave us an unforgettable speech

Mexican star Thalia gave us a nostalgic medley that immediately transported us to summer pool days choreographing dances to “A Quién Le Importa”— IYKYK.

Her performance served hits like “Amor A La Mexicana,” “Desde Esa Noche,” and “Equivocada.” Can we also say that her outfits the whole night were also very on point:

Something that really stood out to us, though? Thalia’s acceptance speech for Billboard’s Global Powerhouse award. It touched on the word “empowerment” falling “short” for her.

The “Marimar” star explained to the crowd that she believes we’re “all born with power,” and that “no one can empower us because we already have it.”

Later, Thalia called on all the “mujeres chingonas ovariudas,” which deserves an award in and of itself: