Bad Bunny just surprise-dropped a New Year’s Eve-themed music video for “No Me Quiero Casar,” and it’s a bit too relatable. The nearly 10-minute short film portrays the singer going to a New Year’s party with tons of family friends, where he keeps dodging questions about his marital status. One tío asks Bad Bunny, “¿Y la novia?” while others ask, “When are you going to get married?” as they call him “old.”

The “Callaíta” singer, though? Very unfazed:

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Are you feeling seen right now with all those marriage questions? Because we might be. Relatability aside, though, Benito’s new music video is full of (very!) surprising Easter eggs — and yes, we even got him riding horses again. Romanticón horseback riding date with Kendall Jenner who?

After around three minutes of Bad Bunny dodging marriage questions from nosy tías at the party, the video turns to a cameo by “Saturday Night Live” newcomer, Marcello Hernández. While we’ll get to that absolute gem in a bit, the video later gives us yet another cameo by Spider-Man himself:

Yes, the “No Me Quiero Casar” video gives us a (Dominican!) Spider-Man who plays pool and even saves Benito after throwing himself off a skyscraper. As one X user put it, the moment is a bit “random” — but we’re kind of loving it:

Did Benito “snap” with the Dominican Spider-Man? Yes, it’s safe to say that he did.

Here is everything to know about the “No Me Quiero Casar” music video, including interesting Easter eggs, the production crew, locations, and his major indirecta to his ex Carliz De La Cruz.

Did Bad Bunny really just reference his engagement to ex Carliz De La Cruz in the new video?

Okay, so back to that Marcello Hernández cameo.

The video starts with Bad Bunny strolling through his family New Year’s Eve party, avoiding questions like, “When are you thinking of getting married, mijito?” “What are you waiting for?” and “Did you bring your girlfriend or not?” from tíos, tías, primos, and family friends alike.

However, by minute 3:00, we see Hernández dancing with his onscreen girlfriend, played by Argentine actress Agustina Palma. The “SNL” star then gets up on the NYE party stage (move over, DJ), and proposes to his girlfriend in front of all of his loved ones.

“The year is going to end, and there’s something I want to say to my beloved. My love, my little heart, my bombón,” he hilariously quips. “You know how much I love you. We’ve been together for a long time.”

After calling Palma up onstage, Hernández gets down on one knee and pulls out a diamond ring. While he asks, “Will you marry me?” his “bombón” isn’t so convinced. “No,” she replies. “What are you doing?”

The DJ then screeches with, “There’s one minute to go for New Year’s, mi gente. Let’s keep the party going!” And we’re deceased.

Hernández posted about his cameo in the music video on Instagram, sharing a backstage photo with Benito and Palma. A comment we can’t get out of our heads? “Nobody expected the continuation of la tia y el sobrino,” referring to Hernández and Bad Bunny’s epic “SNL” skit, “Protective Mom 2.”

One more thing? Let us remember that Bad Bunny sort of shades his longtime-ex Carliz De La Cruz in “No Me Quiero Casar,” rapping, “I was going to get married once. Thank God I didn’t, but wow, diablo, almost.” Interestingly, Benito actually proposed to De La Cruz on January 1, 2016 — yes, New Year’s Day. Sound familiar?

Just like Hernández and his onscreen lover, though, Benito and De La Cruz didn’t get their happily ever after. In fact, they broke up just four months later before their wedding. Oof.

Does the video pay tribute to Bad Bunny almost playing El Muerto in a Spider-Man spinoff movie?

Okay, so now on to the video’s production. Colombian-American photographer and film director Stillz directed the short-film-slash-music-video, posting about it on Instagram:

As per ArtRKL, Stillz met Bad Bunny several years ago while working in music photography in New York. Reportedly helping redefine Benito’s aesthetic, Stillz often works with the Puerto Rican artist in his photos and other videos. In fact, the Colombian-American cinematographer also directed Bad Bunny and Rosalía’s video for “La Noche de Anoche.”

As per the outlet, Stillz took inspiration from surrealist artist Salvador Dalí’s painting “Archeological Reminiscence of Millet’s Angelus” when shooting the 2021 video.

This time around, Stillz pared it down by shooting Benito at the very-relatable (and hilarious) NYE family party. Still, the director also paid homage to the star’s love of horses by filming him riding around Puerto Rican barrio-pueblo Ciales, and he even got that Forbes cover in there, too:

And while the visuals in “No Me Quiero Casar” are amazing, we really can’t get over that Spider-Man cameo. Why does Spider-Man save Bad Bunny after falling from a skyscraper? Why does the superhero play pool with Benito’s friends? And why does he speak in a Dominican accent saying, “Que lo que los tigres míos?” We have questions!

As per one X user, this may be due to Stillz’s decision to pay tribute to Bad Bunny’s now-defunct plan to take on the role of El Muerto. Last year, Sony Pictures announced that the singer would play the Marvel superhero-wrestler, who famously took on Spider-Man in the comics. While the Spider-Man spinoff film is sadly no longer happening, could this be Bad Bunny’s way of living his superhero dreams?

As per the new music video’s end credits, Benito’s friend and photographer Jomar Dávila co-wrote the video script. The other co-writer? Bad Bunny himself.

Meanwhile, New York City graffiti artist KATSU also collaborated on the music video’s visuals, seemingly designing the art we see on the skyscraper Benito falls from:

A major Miami win? Some of the video takes place in Miami hotspot Medium Cool, depicting Bad Bunny partying (and yes, avoiding marriage at all costs) with his crew.

With an epic video like this, it makes sense that Bad Bunny once said “No Me Quiero Casar” is his “favorite song” of his album “Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Mañana.”