Bad Bunny’s ex-girlfriend Carliz De La Cruz is suing the “Moscow Mule” singer for a whopping $40 million.

The Puerto Rican attorney started dating Bad Bunny when he was still very much Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, back in 2011. The two worked together at a grocery store while also attending the University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo, a time El Conejo Malo references in songs like “Dos Mil 16” — A.K.A., “Baby, you’re an OG crush since I was in high school.” Fast forward to today, and De La Cruz alleges that her ex used her voice recordings without permission in his songs “Dos Mil 16” and “Pa’ Ti,” which was an “attack of privacy” that led her to seek psychological help.

The singer’s ex recorded her iconic “Bad Bunny, baby” line in a bathroom

De La Cruz recorded the famous “Bad Bunny, baby” phrase used in his tracks back in 2015, when her then-boyfriend Bad Bunny asked her to send it as a voicenote. The lawsuit explains how the now-attorney recorded the very famous line in her friend’s bathroom because it was quiet there.

The singer’s ex states that he used the recording of her voice without permission, which became very lucrative for the star. As per the suit, De La Cruz’s voice has been used without her authorization in all kinds of mediums — including concerts, radio, social media, and more.

The $40 million lawsuit intends to give the Puerto Rican woman a share of Bad Bunny’s success, at least the sides she took part in. Of course, that success is massive. One look at YouTube shows that “Pa’ Ti” has amassed more than 350 million views, while “Dos Mil 16” has 63 million views. Meanwhile, that’s not even counting the reggaeton singer’s Spotify gold — he did become the platform’s most streamed artist in the world for the third year in a row.

According to BBC, De La Cruz is suing Bad Bunny, label Rimas Entertainment, and manager Noah Assad.

Recently, the star’s team reportedly offered her money for the track

One of the biggest shockers from the lawsuit explains that a Bad Bunny rep actually reached out to De La Cruz in May 2022 to officially buy her voice recording. Any guesses on how much they offered? Allegedly, $2,000. You know, from the three-time most streamed artist in the world… who was about to embark on his global tour that grossed $232.5 million in the U.S. alone.

She states that Rimas Entertainment also offered to buy the recording from her. After De La Cruz said no, she was eventually offered $20,000 for the recording instead. She allegedly did not give her consent, but “Dos Mil 16” was still released — with her voice intact.

The lawsuit explains, “De La Cruz reiterated that the only way to formalize an agreement is if this was done in writing.”

By the end, she did not feel comfortable with the use of her voice, and allegedly did not sign a deal. You can hear her infamous “Bad Bunny, baby” in the intro:

De La Cruz explains she has suffered anxiety about the lack of privacy

The worst part of the lawsuit? De La Cruz assures that fans’ involvement in her life — at least partly due to the use of her voice — has given her immense anxiety. The suit states, “Since then, thousands of people have commented directly on Carliz’s social media networks, as well as every time she goes to a public place, about the ‘Bad Bunny, baby.’”

The constant attention, especially for a woman who makes her living as a working attorney in Puerto Rico, is allegedly too much to take. As per the lawsuit, the singer’s ex “feels worried, anguished, intimidated, overwhelmed and anxious” in connection to the unauthorized use of her voice… and the subsequent lack of privacy.

In fact, it also explains that De La Cruz finds it all “unmanageable,” and has had to “contact multiple psychologists for help” getting through it.

Even more, it also brings up that she often gave Bad Bunny her opinions on his music, and helped him with scheduling and contracts.

De La Cruz actually ended the relationship with him back in 2016

It’s important to note that De La Cruz is not an influencer and doesn’t seem to want to be in the public eye — she attended the University of Puerto Rico’s law school, and could have cashed in on Bad Bunny’s fame long ago. Many people have never even heard of her — but she and Benito planned on marrying back in 2016. Contrary to what many would think, she actually ended the relationship with him that same year, two months before their would-be wedding.

As per the now-attorney’s lawsuit, she feels the continued use of her recordings is the epitome of “gross negligence” and “bad faith,” calling it an “attack” on her morals and dignity.

One thing we absolutely had to mention? There’s been a lot of talk about Bad Bunny confronting the “Kardashian curse” now that he’s dating Kendall Jenner. That’s all we have to say about that!