After saying farewell to his marriage with Dominican rapper, Yailín La Más Viral, Anuel has found a new flame. Her name is Laury Saavedra

His new girlfriend, Laury Saavedra, is a Venezuelan model who began capturing the attention of fans after Anuel posted their first photo together earlier this month.

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Though the duo hasn’t officially broken the silence about their relationship, they’ve left breadcrumbs all over social media. And as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Laury Saavedra seems to be a fashionista who enjoys a luxurious lifestyle

From what we could gather on her social media, Saavedra loves fashion. She also enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, such as visits to fancy restaurants, beach trips and romantic dates with her beloved boyfriend.

Her Instagram profile boasts over 10,000 fans and proudly displays the flags of her native country, Venezuela, the United States and Puerto Rico.

According to Mag El Comercio, Saavedra resides in Miami, Florida. Although how they met is still a mystery, it’s evident she is also a big fan of his music.

Her Instagram account grew in a short time, and her followers didn’t hesitate to leave her messages about their relationship and lifestyle, both positive and negative.

Anuel and Saavedra have been spending quality time with close friends and family

On July 12, the Puerto Rican singer shared a photo holding hands with his partner while enjoying their free time. But that’s not all — it seems the relationship is progressing fast, as the model has already met his family. They even traveled together to Disney with Pablo, the singer’s eldest son.

“I love you,” wrote the Venezuelan influencer next to the video of them sharing kisses and hugs in front of the iconic Cinderella’s Castle.

Moreover, they also attend special events. This Tuesday, both were spotted alongside Lionel Messi, Victoria Beckham and other celebrities at the Inter Miami CF.

Fans of the Puerto Rican star are reacting to his new “Bebesita”

The controversy around his relationship with Yailín continues to follow him. Especially after she accused him of physically abusing her while she was pregnant.

Still, some fans are happy he is moving on, others are not as pleased.

“God will punish you for everything you did to your daughter’s mother while she was pregnant. You are a narcissistic abuser who only wants to take advantage of the image of your kids,” wrote an Instagram user.

Some pointed out he deserves to find happiness: “Anuel also has the right to be happy,” Tweeted a fan.

Others praised Laury Saavedra’s beauty: “Anuel’s new girlfriend is really pretty,” wrote another fan on Twitter.

Anuel introduced his new love on Yailin’s birthday 

The Puerto Rican star surprised everyone on July 4, Yailín’s birthday. That day he shared a photo with his new love on his Instagram Stories.

While his daughter Cattleya’s mother recovered from surgery, the singer hugged and kissed Saavedra on a boat.

Amidst the controversy, he posted heart and devil emojis accompanying the song “Pacto,” hinting at intense chemistry.