Dominican singer Yailin La Más Viral, 21, accused husband Anuel, 30, who she separated from earlier this year, of domestic abuse.

Yailin wrote on Instagram Stories yesterday, “You are a narcissist. Tell the world [Anuel] that you hit me while [I was] pregnant.”

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Adding to the shocking accusation, the “Narcisista” singer continued, “I never said anything for my daughter,” referring to her baby Cattleya Guillermo who she shares with Anuel.

However, Yailin said she felt forced to share her truth after Anuel posted insane IG Stories about her and her friend and collaborator, rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, 27.

She explained, “I never thought that you would stoop so low.”

Now, according to Univision, Yailin’s reported attorney Andrés Toribio wrote on social media that the singer is seeking legal action.

He revealed, “[Yailin La Más Viral] made clear that she will take legal action in the next few hours for physical and psychological abuse received while pregnant by her ex-partner.”

Yailin La Más Viral made the bombshell accusation yesterday that Anuel “hit her while pregnant”

On Instagram Stories yesterday, Yailin La Más Viral accused her reggaetonero husband, Anuel, of domestic abuse.

While the couple announced their separation in February 2023, they are reportedly still going through divorce proceedings.

In a later IG Story, the 21-year-old wrote to Anuel, “Stop playing the role of a good dad.”

“I was pregnant, and when I gave birth, I needed money for rent, diapers for the baby, for the milk, for your daughter,” she recalled.

“You and your people would ignore me. You left me without a dollar, you robbed the only money I had to my name, my clothes, my jewelry, you left me with nothing.”

About her economic situation, Yailin wrote, “I have the proof, I even bought my own house because you couldn’t even do that.”

She then posted a photo of her cheek with clear signs of bruising. She wrote next to the proof: “Real Hasta La Muerte,” Anuel’s most famous catchphrase.

The Dominican singer’s friend 6ix9ine corroborated the domestic abuse accusation on his own Instagram Stories.

The rapper wrote a post directed at Anuel, saying, “Tell the world the reason Yailin doesn’t want to hear from you is that you hit her while she was pregnant.”

“While she was four months pregnant, you also hit her with a car in Casa de Campo [in La Romana, Dominican Republic.”

“I have [proof] in messages where you tell Yailin it was an accident.”

The “Mala” rapper reposted the photo of Yailin’s bruise, tagging Anuel and writing, “Real G?”

Anuel reponded to Yailin’s accusation on Instagram, calling it “a lie” and an “atrocity”

After Yailin accused Anuel of domestic abuse, the “Sola” reggaetonero took to his own Instagram Stories to deny the claims.

He wrote, “You always said you would hit yourself to tell people I hit you and try to get me in jail. I never thought someone could stoop so low and that you would have the heart to do that or insinuate this lie and atrocity.”

The singer questioned why Yailin would “wait so long” to accuse him of abuse, calling her a “liar.”

He told his fans to “not let themselves be deceived,” saying, “The truth convinces, it doesn’t scream.”

In another IG Story, Anuel continued: “I have never been an abuser and everyone knows that. The Latinos of this new generation learned how to be truly romantic and treat a woman well, thanks to me, since I show how I am in all my relationships.”

At that point, Yailin responded yet again on her own Instagram. She posted several screenshots of conversations with her ex-partner, as well as videos allegedly showing Anuel yelling at her.

One conversation shows Anuel telling Yailin that if he sees her with another singer, mentioning reggaeton stars like Arcangel and El Alfa, she would have “a problem” with him.

“If you think is a joke, I dare you,” he told her. “I hope I don’t know the man who you [have sex with] or that you talk, because I don’t care how you feel later with what I’ll do.”

In more message screenshots, Anuel allegedly pleaded with Yailin not to report him

In another Whatsapp thread screenshot, Yailin told Anuel she would report him to the police. He allegedly wrote back, “You ruined my career, that’s what you wanted to do, kill my career.”

“They paid you to hurt me,” he accused her. “How are you going to do that? Don’t be like that. Tell me what I have to do.”

In another screenshot of their conversations, Yailin showed how she had not answered Anuel’s latest messages. It also showed how she had blocked him on WhatsApp.

She captioned the screenshot with, “Trash, leave me alone, no one needs you here.”

“If I was silent all this time, it’s to not hurt you. Leave me alone, no one needs you here.”

The “Pa Ti” singer also posted videos of a man yelling at her in the car. Anuel’s face does not appear in the videos, but the voice is eerily similar to his. The man, possibly Anuel, yells while referencing her having relationships with other men.

You can hear a woman’s voice, seemingly Yailin’s, say, “You were telling me you were going to kill El Alfa, [Dominican host] Alofoke, that you were going to kill [singer] Rochy [RD], Arcangel, if you saw them with me.”

The man in the video replies, “I don’t play.”

Meanwhile, both Anuel and 6ix9ine continue to fire shots at each other on Instagram Stories, with Anuel referencing how 6ix9ine was sued for sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl in 2015.

Anuel wrote to 6ix9ine, “You touch underage girls, rat, and you sexually abuse them… Stay away from my daughter.”

To that, the New York-born rapper replied on his own IG, “I was 18 years old, that’s why the judge gave me probation and community service.” He also called Anuel a “hypocrite.”