Anuel, what are you up to now?

The 30-year-old “Sola” singer always finds a way to keep himself in the news cycle — and his recent Instagram Story is no exception.

He just posted a mysterious photo kissing a woman on a boat, leaving many fans to ask whether his relationship “Secreto” is finally out. Or is it genius self-promotion again?

Although Anuel just posted a photo of himself wearing a t-shirt with ex Karol G‘s face on it two weeks ago, he may have moved on. The Puerto Rican reggaetonero seems to have finally listened to fans telling him to “get over” Karol G, 32, and leave her and her new boyfriend Feid, 30, alone. At least for now.

Here’s everything we know about the “Adicto” star’s new couple photo on IG — and who fans think is his new “bebecita.”

Anuel surprised fans by posting a photo kissing a woman on his Instagram Story

Yesterday, Anuel took to social media to post quite a shocking photo on his Instagram Story.

Another photo wearing Feid’s signature lime green? Wearing a t-shirt directed at Karol G saying “You’re with Feid but you know you’re mine”? Holding up a poster mid-concert with all his selfies with Karol G? Nope — been there, done that.

This time Anuel’s focus wasn’t on his ex. He posted a photo on a boat kissing a woman in an aqua printed dress. Interestingly, he did not caption the post or tag the woman.

However, the singer did post an interesting set of emojis right after that IG story: his signature devil emoji and tons of smileys with hearts. What does it all mean?

Another cup of boiling-hot tea? Yesterday was Anuel’s ex Yailin La Más Viral‘s 21st birthday. How did she celebrate? Apparently from a hospital bed, at least judging by a post on her own Instagram:

However, her rumored flame 6ix9ine, 27, brought her a birthday cake, balloons, flowers, a Rolex watch and tons of cash. In their shared Instagram post, the rapper wrote: “In the short time I’ve known you, I can say you are a beautiful person inside and out.”

And that’s not all — Yailin and 6ix9ine have been fueling romance rumors for the last month. They posted another video on June 15 showing the New York rapper gifting the Dominican singer an Hermès Birkin bag and a Richard Mille watch encrusted with diamonds.

One outlet reported those gifts alone cost an estimated $500,000. The two also have a new song together titled “Pa Ti.”

Could Anuel’s new IG story be a show of jealousy about Yailin’s possible new romance?

Who is the mystery woman in Anuel’s Instagram photo?

In short, there’s a chance Anuel posted that IG Story to get back at his ex Yailin La Más Viral and her own posts with 6ix9ine.

Plus, apart from her new collab with the rapper, she also just released a solo song titled “Narcisista” that takes a few digs at Anuel. The video features an Anuel lookalike as the main actor, and the song includes lyrics like: “Real hasta la muerte and you became nothing,” referencing her ex’s main catchphrase.

Yes, lots of shots fired from all directions — and there’s no doubt they’re all pretty good marketing tactics for all this new music being released. Hm.

Still, Anuel did post a photo kissing another woman, so of course his fans are all over it. Who is she?

As per TikTok account @celebridad.viral, the woman in question may be Laury Saavedra from Venezuela. According to their post, both Anuel and Saavedra have posted similar Instagram stories simultaneously, including documenting shopping dates and helicopter rides. The devil works hard, but chisme works harder!

Well, that post is gaining traction fast, followed up by a more recent post assuring the woman in Anuel’s kissing photo is indeed Saavedra. Do we know these facts for sure? No, but the tea is still boiling.

One search on Instagram shows that Saavedra has a private Instagram profile and doesn’t seem to be on TikTok. Meanwhile, her IG biography says she lives in Miami.

Once again, these are all just rumors. Maybe Anuel’s new IG Story is just a still-shot from an upcoming music video? Only time will tell, but people are already feeling all types of ways about the new drama: