Another day, another Anuel AA drama— but hey, at least he keeps things interesting. The Puerto Rican “Sola” reggaetonero’s line of sold-out concerts this past weekend promised perreo and tons of stellar performances by stars like Maluma and Wisin. However, one thing fans weren’t expecting was for Anuel to possibly shoot an indirecta at Karol G’s alleged boyfriend Feid while singing his new track “Más Rica Que Ayer.”

As countless fans chatted about on social media after the concert, Anuel may have switched up his song’s lyrics to include Feid’s name. While many already suspected that “Más Rica Que Ayer” is about Anuel’s ex Karol G, the decidedly-spicy lyric change cemented the theory.

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This is exactly how Anuel fired shots at Feid and Karol G during his recent concert

As you can see in the videos circulating social media, Anuel seemingly mentioned Feid during his Miami concert on Saturday night. Of course, fans took the moment as a nod to Feid’s alleged relationship with Anuel’s ex Karol G.

During his performance of “Más Rica Que Ayer,” you can hear Anuel switch the lyrics from “Será que el novio la dejó?” or “I wonder if her boyfriend left her?” to something pretty different. Instead, fans heard the lyric: “Será que Feid la dejó?” And yes, they freaked out.

After the fact, a few fans wondered if Anuel hadn’t mentioned Feid’s name at all. While some thought Anuel had actually sung “Será que fue y la dejó?” the Puerto Rican reggaetonero’s latest Instagram post may have confirmed he said “Feid” after all. As they say, piensa mal, y acertarás— or was that a bit too dramatic-abuelita for a Monday?

Sharing photos of his sold-out Orlando, Miami, and Fort Myers concerts, including snaps singing with Farruko and Wisin, Anuel captioned his post with: “Será que Feid la dejó.” So, that settles that. Or is he just adding more fuel to the fire?

Let’s take a look at the background of Anuel’s recent hint to Karol G and Feid

Many fans are loving Karol G’s alleged relationship with fellow Medellín singer Feid, especially because the “Bichota” singer has hinted that her time with her ex Anuel was “toxic” and a “bad love.”

While Karol G has never confirmed her relationship with Feid point-blank, her concert in San Juan, Puerto Rico, last month made the rumor mill go crazy.

The duo’s perreo together while singing their collab “Friki” was overloaded with chemistry. To add fuel to the fire, TikTok sleuths shared that Karol G introduced her song “Tus Gafitas” with “Esta canción es pa’ Feid,” or “This song is for Feid.” Watch the moment here:

Still, Anuel’s recent song drops have had Karol G’s name written all over them— well, at least that’s what fans think. For one, his just-released song “Triste Verano” with Eladio Carrión made fans immediately think of Karol G for several reasons. It describes missing an ex, with Anuel singing: “All the songs on the radio remind me of you.” Considering Karol G is all over the radio, that might make sense.

Even more, the song mentions having sex with said ex “in the dressing room in her concert’s stadium,” and Anuel’s only stadium-singing ex is Karol G.

Meanwhile, Anuel’s new track “Más Rica Que Ayer” talks about an ex being better than before and wondering if that ex is still with her boyfriend. The song includes lyrics like, “He doesn’t love you like you, and I know how,” and even mentions the nickname “bebecita,” which he famously gave to Karol G. Of course, now that Anuel seemed to have shouted out Feid’s name while singing the song, it seems fans’ suspicions were correct.

The fans react to Anuel shouting out Feid during his Miami concert

As you can expect, fans at the concert and on social media alike reacted fiercely to Anuel’s shout-out to Feid. Over on Instagram, one commenter wrote: “Here we’re on Feid’s team,” and another chimed in, “No te metas with Ferxxo.” Yet another noted, “Feid and Karol G have never named this clown.” Ouch.

As with Anuel’s latest music releases, many fans instead suspect this is all a marketing tactic. One person with several thousand comment likes wrote, “Anuel trying to recover his career by embarrassing himself, it had to be said.” Another commenter simply said this situation is now “out of control,” asking, “Why bring in other people?”

Meanwhile, others did defend Anuel by writing, “[Karol G] went global because she took advantage of her breakup with Anuel… you guys don’t understand.” One thing that’s pretty clear, though? Still, over on Twitter, as one person put it: “My queen won already.”

Other fans still insist Anuel actually said, “Será que fue y la dejó.” What do you think?