Regggaeton star Anuel AA, 30, and Yailin La Más Viral, 20, just announced the arrival of their bundle of joy Cattleya, posting adorable photos of the birth on Instagram. Although the married couple recently announced their separation and are in the process of divorcing, they put their issues to the side to welcome their baby girl. While Yailin’s hospital photos on IG are already super-cute enough, Anuel also shared a few unexpected remarks about the birth in an interview.

This is how Yailin announced the birth of their daughter Cattleya

Yailin posted the two heartwarming snaps on her Instagram, which show the moments after she gave birth to daughter Cattleya. Anuel is right next to her, hairnet, gloves and all, and they both look truly joyful to welcome their baby. Yailin posted a beautiful caption alongside the photos, writing: “Welcome to the world, Cattleya, beautiful princess! Since the moment you arrived, our lives changed forever. You are a blessing, a gift from God, and you filled us with love and hope.”

The Dominican influencer and singer continued, “You stole our heart with your smile and tiny hands… You are a little miracle, a champion that overcame all obstacles to be here with us. We’re so happy you’re in our lives.”

She also described how both her and Anuel’s hearts “exploded with happiness” when Cattleya was born. Yailin wrote that both her and her ex are excited for their daughter’s “first steps, first words, first laughs,” and “will always be there for her.”

The Dominican star’s OBGYN also shared photos taken before and after the birth

Meanwhile, Yailin’s Dominican Republic-based OBGYN Dra. Julissa Rojas also posted content related to the birth on her Instagram Story. The first was an adorable video of Yailin smiling and cradling her bump before the birth at the hospital, with the caption: “Congratulations dear Yailin, thank you for the trust.” The doctor also posted a selfie with her, where she describes how the influencer was “happy because she was about to meet her princess.”

Dr. Rojas also posted the photos of Cattleya’s birth on her IG page, captioning the post with, “Congratulations to my dear patient Yailin and Anuel for the birth of their princess. May God bless her life.”

She continued, “Thank you so much for the trust and for letting me take care of you, bringing in a beautiful, healthy baby. Blessings!”

This is how Anuel annnounced Cattleya’s arrival

Moreover, even though Anuel announced his separation from Yailin back in early February, he still made sure everyone knows he’s as happy as ever about the birth of his baby daughter. After he attended the birth, he spoke to a reporter at the World Baseball Classic about all the excitement surrounding it:

Anuel told the reporter, “I’m going to customize a half-Puerto Rican, half-Dominican jersey even though I’m Puerto Rican.” Why? “Because I have a Dominican daughter now, she was just born.”

Even cuter? The “La Jeepeta” star said that he “feels Dominican now, too” after Cattleya’s birth. Congratulations to both!