Guaynaa is one of those artists who skyrocketed to fame purely with his talent. In a recent interview with Venezuelan comedian Marko, the singer spilled some unheard-of secrets behind his hit song “Rebota.”

The artist appeared on the Nave Podcast, where he chatted about his musical beginnings, personal life, and even his relationship with his wife, Lele Pons. One thing we weren’t expecting? Guaynaa revealed “Rebota” was born when he was an employee at a phone store.

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The Boricua artist said he recorded the song in a friend’s studio just after a hurricane, and they used egg cartons for the acoustic because he had no budget. On his YouTube channel, this song’s music video has had over 500 million views since January 2019.

Guaynaa shared he couldn’t believe it he was on the radio the first time he heard “Rebota” playing on the streets

Starting in the music scene can be challenging, especially when you need more resources and experience to get your music out there. But for Guaynaa, it all happened organically. On the podcast, he explained that when he heard “Rebota” on the street for the first time, he was in disbelief.

“When I was on the island [Puerto Rico], coming back with a friend from the West side, from Rincón, we stopped at a traffic light, and a car next to us was playing the song,” he recalled.

Adding, “We started shouting excitedly, rolled down the window, and told the guy, ‘That’s me.'”

The 31-year-old Puerto Rican artist also talked about his experience as an independent artist. Mentioning that at the moment he’s not signed with any record label.

“When you’re an independent artist, the work triples, and obviously, that’s a learning curve,” he admitted. Now, his focus is on being more strategic with the songs he works on and conquering any fears that may arise.

Regarding his relationship with Pons, he explained that after the wedding, honeymoon, and touring together, they want to pursue separate paths in their professional lives. 

He also emphasized that they take couples’ therapy and enjoy this new and exciting phase in their relationship. He believes romantic partners don’t need to be in deep trouble to seek help. 



♬ sonido original – La Nave

Fans shared how much the song has impacted them and the inspiration the urban artist has brought them

The entertaining conversation between Marko and Guaynaa sparked thousands of reactions and comments from internet users, expressing their admiration for him as an urban music artist.

Some showcase his talent and how much they love this song on TikTok.

“Guaynaa is the most underrated rapper in the industry. Have you all heard him rap improvised? The man is a genius,” shared a user. 

“My platonic love and favorite reggaeton song it’s definitely ‘Rebota’,” wrote another person.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, some talk about the chemistry between the host and the singer.

“I love being part of your fans and that your content is the best of the moment. The interview is great on YouTube,” commented a user.

Another person said: “This interview was too good. The stripper part had me dead.”

Many applaud that he is an independent artist now:

“I don’t know if the team is blind or what, but the labels are useless,” an X user shared. “The only thing they do is stagnate their artists, and I’m not saying that. Even the artists themselves come out to talk about it. Look at Guaynaa.”