A viral video showing Bad Bunny throwing a fan’s phone has some people saying “Que Malo,” while others continue to back the star “X 100pre.” Now, fellow celebrities are speaking out about the controversy. For one, “Rebota” star Guaynaa is offering a reward for the video on the phone, while Farruko is warning others against the dark “game” of fame.

Bad Bunny’s phone controversy in the Dominican Republic

It all started when Bad Bunny was walking through La Marina de Casa de Campo in La Romana, Dominican Republic. While accompanied by friends, the “La Dificil” singer was soon approached by a group of fans. While some asked Benito for “a hug,” one fan proceeded to take a selfie video with the star.

At that moment, Bad Bunny grabbed the phone and threw it in a body of water. Understandably, the young woman looks shocked, while others were in disbelief, asking: “Wow, for real?”

For obvious reasons, the short clip went viral on social media. In response, some have now coined Bad Bunny as “the first artist cancelled in 2023.”

Fans’ reactions to the incident are mixed

Some fans have taken serious offense at the act, with one Twitter user writing, “I think what bad bunny did was wrong… He is a celebrity he signed up for this life.” Meanwhile, others are defending the singer by relating to his possible anxiety: “I completely GET why Bad Bunny snatched up that phone… [I] get overstimulated on many occasions and want to recharge with no one in my space.”

Others are instead meme-ifying the moment, because— well, the internet:

Celebrities have some thoughts on the ordeal, too

Just the same, celebrities are in on the drama, too — and many are not holding back. Fellow Puerto Rican singer Guaynaa chose to poke fun, offering “a reward for the video on the iPhone Benito threw.” No word on why he wants the video, but if anyone has it, talk to Guaynaa for some post-holiday-season cash!

On the other hand, stars like Farruko took to social media to express their frustrations about the twisted effects of fame. The “Pepas” singer wrote on Instagram Stories, “Now that I’m on the outside I see fame doing what it wants with my friends. May God protect you, I’ll pray for [you guys].”

Farruko continued, “If you’re not emotionally or spiritually stable, fame [messes with] artists.” He also warned about the effects of fame on mental health. “Us artists fall into the game believing the acceptance is real and forever, that’s why many end up depressed or committing suicide when the public [moves on].”

Bad Bunny has since spoken out about the ordeal on Twitter. He wrote, “Someone who comes up to me to say hello, tell me something, or get to know me, will always receive my attention and respect.” On the contrary, “I’ll consider those who put a [damn] telephone in my face for what they are, a lack of respect and I’ll treat them the same.”

Even more, new videos of the incident have surfaced, showing how the woman and other fans may have chased the star. Whether or not you agree with El Conejo Malo’s reasoning, clips like these show the singer might really want to go back to “Dos Mil 16” sometimes.