Mexican pop icon Gloria Trevi is back with her new single “Nos Volvimos Locos.” She teamed up with rising Puerto Rican rapper Guaynaa. Over 30 years into her career and Trevi is keeping refreshing pop bops coming. In an exclusive interview, Trevi and Guaynaa talked about coming together for this special collaboration. Gloria also revisited her smash “Todos Me Miran” for the song’s 15th anniversary.

One of Guaynaa’s songs caught Gloria Trevi’s attention.

Guaynaa is most known as the rapper with the playful flow. In a few years, the Boricua artist has gone global thanks to his hits like “ReBoTa” and “Chica Ideal” with Sebastián Yatra. The one that caught the attention of Trevi was his recent single “Monterrey” with Pain Digital.

“I had [“Nos Volvimos Locos”] and I was thinking I wanted to do this as a collaboration with a handsome guy,” Trevi tells mitú with a laugh. “When I heard ‘Monterrey,’ I decided I wanted to work with him. Guaynaa told me, ‘Gloria, you’re taking me out of my comfort zone, but I trust you.’ A surprise to me was that he has the rockero inside.”

Gloria Trevi and Guaynaa’s “Nos Volvimos Locos” is a summer anthem.

“Nos Volvimos Locos” is the perfect song for the summer season. The reggaeton-pop bop has a sunny sound to it. Trevi and Guaynaa trade cute lyrics about falling for each other. There’s pauses in the sweet love song where the listener can strike a pose. That’s what the two artists do in the feel good music video.

“For me, this is one of the most important things I’ve ever done in my career,” Guaynaa says. “We’re talking about a collaboration with a pop queen, so this means a lot. We have a mannequin challenge too. There’s parts of the song that you can freeze to. If you lose and don’t stay frozen then you have to take a shot or give someone a kiss.”

Gloria Trevi’s LGBTQ+ anthem “Todos Me Miran” turned 15.

“Nos Volvimos Locos” comes 15 years after Trevi’s disco-fied banger “Todos Me Miran.” For the LGBTQ+ community, it’s become an anthem of empowerment with a drag queen starring in the music video. Revisiting the song for its 15th anniversary, Trevi remembers the inspiration behind it.

“I love that song,” Trevi says “That song picked me up. I wrote that song in a moment when people were staring at me. I didn’t know if they were looking at me as Gloria Trevi or because of the scandal that happened. Or if they were looking at me to criticize me. It felt weird that they were staring at me.”

“One day I went to a restaurant that was puro gringo,” she adds. “Those people didn’t know who I was. I went all done-up in a golden suit and they were staring at me. I said, ‘They’re looking at me because I’m pretty.’ For me, it’s important to feel self love because I didn’t feel that when I was younger. I feel more beautiful now than I did when I 20-years-old. So I made ‘Todos Me Miran,’ and where there’s a bad documentary about me or something happens to me, I put on the song and I pick myself up.”

Gloria Trevi’s breakthrough album also turned 30 this year.

Another big anniversary for Trevi this year is the 30th anniversary of her breakthrough album Tu Ángel de La Guarda. The LP was groundbreaking for the time in Latin music with Trevi pushing back on machismo. It’s probably most remembered for her girl power anthem “Pelo Suelto.”

“I love that kid, the girl that I was, because she makes me the woman that I am now,” Trevi says. “I love every tear and every laugh that I did [for that album]. What I love more is the future. I’m always looking for the future. I think in the future there’s my best kiss, my best song, my best love, my best moment, and my best concert.”

Gloria Trevi promises good vibes on her next album.

Trevi is indeed looking into the future. The first show of her new tour will taking place on Jan. 20 in Mexico’s Auditorio Nacional, and hopefully some U.S. dates will follow. She’s also putting the finishing touches on her next album.

“You know I like passion and irreverent things,” Trevi says. “My new musical material, everything I’ve made and thought about, was like saying goodbye to the apocalypse that we lived through. We’re going to create a new world. We’re going to have fun. We’re going to be on a vibe of good health, energy, happiness, and vacations.”

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