Just like every story begins somewhere, songs also have their wellspring of inspiration. Such is the case with Bad Bunny and Drake‘s collaboration, “Gently,” featuring a viral phrase from Dominican journalist Diulka Pérez.

On one part of the track, Pérez discusses drug addiction and the issues affecting the youth of La Calle 42 in the famous Capotillo neighborhood of Santo Domingo.

In an interview with mitú, the journalist shared her surprise when the artists’ team contacted her to ask permission to use her voice.

“Yes, it was a surprise. At first, I thought it was a joke until several acquaintances called me to tell me it was serious, and they wanted to talk to me about using my comment in a song,” she said.

Pérez reveals she initially hesitated to release the rights to her viral audio in the song

In addition to her surprise, the TV reporter revealed she initially hesitated to give the artists permission for fear her opinion would be perceived as controversial. She specified her intention was to draw the authorities’ attention to what’s happening in that neighborhood.

“At first, I had my reservations because I didn’t want it to encourage any kind of hate from those who approve of what’s happening in that place,” she said. “But since I maintain my opinion that you can’t invest without a defined plan to rescue that area from disorder, I gave my permission.”


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In an interview on the TV show “El Show del Mediodía,” she reiterated she considers herself an ally for young people and that her voice aims to ensure investment plans are coherent and support local talent.

On social media, the journalist encountered praise and backlash for her involvement in the song

Over four years after Bad Bunny and Drake joined forces for “Mia,” fans were more than ready for another hit. That’s why reactions on social media to the track and Pérez’s audio have arrived without delay.

Some admire how the journalist maintains her opinion in the face of both positive and negative feedback: “Diulka always conducts herself with great professionalism and elegance; that’s why I admire and appreciate you so much,” a user on Instagram wrote.

Others also agree with her: “It’s a reality. We first need to eliminate the drug spots,” another user added.

Meanwhile, many criticize Pérez for lending her voice to the urban music genre. “You like that sound, don’t you? After you spoke so much against dembow, but because it’s @badbunnypr and @champagnepapi, you applaud it. It’s this double standard that rules the country,” wrote a user.

On TikTok, one person said, “Who would say no to Bad Bunny?” Another expressed being a fan of the song and considered Pérez’s participation the best part. “For me, the song starts when Diulka begins.”